Self Love Saturday – First Thing You Do

Is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning to hop on social media?

Guilty over here.

But, with how negative social media can be, is that really the best way to start a day? I don’t think it is.

Maybe starting with a positive podcast, or some personal development, or even just sitting in silence and soaking all the possibilities of the day up is a better way to go about it.

Who’s down to try it with me for at least a week?

Mindset Monday – Find Humor In All Situations

Can anyone else relate? I sometimes laugh at THE MOST inappropriate times. Not to be disrespectful, or to make light of anything… it’s just a defense mechanism I have.  It’s a laugh-or-cry thing. I’m not a huge fan of it (and it has gotten me some dirty looks, too!), but on the flip side, being able to find humor in all situations is actually a blessing in disguise, to a sense.

Allow yourself to experience humor even in the darkest or most challenging situations. Remind yourself that this situation will probably make for a good story later and try to crack a joke about it. Find the humor, be able to laugh it off and recognize that this too shall pass!

Say you’re laid off — imagine the most absurd way you could spend your last day at the office, or the most ridiculous job you could pursue next—like Penguinologist or Director of Sandbags.

Do you laugh at the “wrong” times too?


Mindset Monday – Positive Energy

Reformed person here! I never realized just how much energy I gave to the negative until two of my mentors basically called me on it.


I should note that I am still very much a work in progress, and in the current state of the world it is easy to be sucked into negativity – but I have also developed practices to help myself get out of the negative rut – Tapping, journaling, sometimes even writing it out and then burning it…

Negativity is easy, but… so isn’t positivity! That’s what you need to spread, that’s what you need to focus your energies on. There is always good happening in your life, we just don’t always see it because the negative blinds us.

But as someone who was once bogged down by negativity, truly, there is hope… you have to LET GO of the negative mindset, because it’s not serving you! I fought that for a long time, but I started Tapping daily, and it made it easier to recognize it wasn’t doing anything for me, in fact it was only bringing those around me down with me, because I was spreading it!

Truly, Tapping has made a HUGE difference in my life, huge. I am so grateful for my mentors for not only calling me out on my negativity, but OFFERING solutions to combat it.

I don’t thank them enough for that!

Feel Good Friday – Look For The Helpers

I am no stranger to how rough the world is lately. I am painfully aware. I can’t stand it, and I won’t ignore it. This quote from Fred Rogers has always been a bright spot for me, because he is right – most people’s first instincts are to help others when chaos ensues.


The media doesn’t often show these kind, helpful deeds (the media is 99% of the damn problem, if you ask ME), but they exist. We need to magnify these, to make more of these moments, and focus less on cutting each other down and all of that nonsense.

And should you find yourself not finding any helpers – BE the helper. Start the chain of being kind, compassionate, empathetic beings.

You have in you an innate power to help someone through a rough time. You never know who’s life you can change just by being there, being an ear, a shoulder, a source of light to illuminate the darkness…

Look for the helpers, and join them. Or start your own helpers crusade – others will join!

Be the light.

Wednesday Wisdom – Be A Carrier

The world needs more positivity, good attitudes, and upbeat individuals who don’t get sucked into the Vortex of negativity. I mean, I think that much is obvious, no?

be a carrier

I know, it’s hard to block it out when its omnipresent lately, and it totally can, and does, affect your mood, your emotions… but you do what you can to stay positive, to stay upbeat and have a good attitude. We need to spread more of THAT.

Spread the love, the light, the positivity… all of these things make a better world. Be contagious.

Thursday Thoughts – Coach

What goes through your head when you hear the word “Coach”?

Do you think back to childhood sports and recall the Coach of your teams? Do you think back to a leader, someone who was willing to tell you how you could get better, faster, and stronger, but also just wanted you to have fun, and enjoy whatever sport you were doing participating in? Do you maybe think of someone who would bark orders at you, never making you feel like your efforts were enough?
A lot of times, people hear the word Coach associated with Beachbody, and I think its possible a handful assume that as a Beachbody Coach, we are going to do the latter of the above behaviors – we’re going to push you and yell at you and work you until failure… and I think that’s what scares some people off. I say this because this recently happened  to a friend of mine – she thought my job as a Beachbody Coach was to yell at people and humiliate them into finishing their workout. And I will confess, I was a little thrown.

My role as a Beachbody Coach is nothing even similar to that. My job IS to encourage you, but in a positive, uplifting manner. It IS my job to step in when you may not be feeling it, and remind you of your goals, and your why. And yes, my job is to be there in the trenches with you – showing you I’m doing it too; that you are not alone. As a coach, it’s my philosophy to not embrace excuses, but rather, embrace solutions.

goals coach Kara
It’s not my job, intent, or mission to humiliate you. Or make you cry. Or single you out. It’s my job to always encourage you to do your best. It’s my job to remind you in those weak moments, that you are stronger than you think. It’s my job to cheer you on, and encourage you, perhaps inspire you, to add value to your life, and to show you that what you set your mind to, you can achieve. And I mean yeah, I would push you, because that’s how we get to the other side – the side that everything we want is on. Going from the comfort zone to the uncomfortable zone is exactly what you need. I say this as someone that resisted leaving the safety of my comfort zone for SO long. If I knew then, what I knew now… well that comfort zone would have been traversed LONG ago. So I will push you, because that’s what you need to achieve your goals.
But I would NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, make you feel less than, or berate you, or poohpooh your best efforts. I am here to only lift you up and be your voice of reason when your fear is telling you that you can’t do this.
And so this is an open invite, if you would like some help reaching your goals, I am here for you. In a positive, uplifting way, nothing less! Let’s get you to those goals, shall we? 🙂

Simple Saturday – Live Training

I have a live training with my team today, and I am excited! Last time we all gathered in person was awesome, and bolstered my belief that I am on the right path! I was in a bad mood, negative, and didn’t want to bring anyone down, so I questioned whether I should go. Little did I know, it was going that was going to not only lift me out of my bad mood, but clear away a LOT of the fog, too!

I fully believe in surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people who see bright futures ahead. I am lucky enough to not only have a close circle of childhood friends who do this, but I also have my Beachbody friends, who have become family!

conscious effort

Life is challenging, and when you have a tribe of people who will help pull you out of any funks, encourage and empower you, inspire and motivate you, and cheer and celebrate you… well, frankly, you are very blessed, and I consider myself extremely blessed to be on this amazing journey with these amazing people.

I foresee a lot of love, light, laughs, and yes, learning today. And I couldn’t be happier about it!

It really is the simplest things in life that bring the most joy 🙂