Feel Good Friday – Meditation

Do you meditate? I have been trying to do it more… I am not the best at sitting still and staying in the moment, but I am working on becoming better at this, because this little meditation time is loaded with benefits!

Let’s face it, our minds get quite a workout, and sometimes a little “time out” by way of Meditation can go a long way towards restoring our energy and positive mindset!

Benefits of Meditation

So while my ants-in-my-pants butt needs to be better about sitting still and just letting my mind flow freely, there are tons of reasons to do so, which is why I am making it an active practice. I might only be able to do it for 10 seconds right now, but 10 seconds becomes 20 seconds, and 20 seconds will eventually become 20 minutes… so on and so forth. It’s a process, but a worthwhile one!

Wednesday Wisdom – Be Positive

I have been trying to remind myself of this daily, and be more conscious of my words and thoughts, because this is true. I am trying to keep my language positive, upbeat, and inspiring.

Of course, sometimes its frustrating and it’s easy to want to vent that out – I don’t advise against NOT venting it out, but do so in a manner that doesn’t fast track you to a place of negativity. Instead of saying “You lazy jerk, how could you not have made time to sweep the floor?” say something like “I understand you are tired, but next time please find a way to dedicate 10 minutes to sweeping the floor, and then enjoy a clean house!”

The language that you use matters immensely. Always try to see, and word things, in a positive, uplifting manner!