Whole Foods Wednesday – Leeks

Leeks! Who loves ’em? MEEEEEE.

This is once again, as a result of my husband finding ways to prepare things that previously did not appeal to me – I don’t actually know why Leeks were unappealing to me, but they were. So he made them in a BLT Mac and Cheese, and they were SO good, so now I am sold!

They are sturdy veggies that remain to be harvested, making them a great option for Fall meals!

Who’s a fan? Do you have any good recipes including leeks?


Whole Foods Wednesday – Apples

It’s apple season! I couldn’t be happier about it, either. I love apples, and I love that they are so good for me, and so Diabetic-friendly.

I am sure you are seeing your friends and family posting tons of apple pictures on social media, right? Apple picking is my favorite 🙂

Do you have a favorite kind of apple? Do you have any awesome recipes you would like to share?

Oh, and have you gone apple picking yet?!apples


Superfood Saturday – Coffee Fruit

Ahhh… we all know about coffee, but did you know it’s actually a fruit? Today’s Superfood Spotlight is inspired by the newest flavor of Shakeology – Cafe Latte!

Coffee Fruit

Confession: I did not know coffee was a fruit, at all. The beauty of this world is you learn something new every day! 🙂

Have you ever had coffee fruit? I’ve had bajillions of coffee beans, but other than my Shakeology, I can’t say I have had coffee fruit.