Workout Wednesday – Plank Raise Tap Crunch

Shoulders? Yeah, they were on fire. But this powerful 1-2 combo? SUPER effective!

This move is from Hammer’s “Hammer Conditioning”. Have you ever done Hammer Conditioning? It’s a tough workout, but you definitely feel like a badass after, and I LOVE chasing that feeling!

Saturday Sweat

Simple but effective! If you do not have a pullup bar (I have gone to the local jungle gym and used that!), you can double up on the pushups, or do renegade rows with weights, or even a band pull if you have one.

Who is getting their sweat on today?!

Friday Fitness – Beginner’s Pushup Challenge

A new year… a new challenge? I think so!

I confess I still hate pushups but, I have come a ways from the days where I struggled to do even one, on my knees… I can do a handful of real ones consecutively, and I can tell I am getting stronger and will be able to do more and more. I love it!

So, who is up for a Pushup Challenge?! Great way to build a base!

Beginners Pushup Challenge

Doesn’t this sound super doable? I mean of course they are challenging, but they are so effective, and this is a fabulous way to build your strength! Someday you won’t even need to do pushups on your knees, and isn’t that a great goal?

Who is with me? Ready… set… PUSHUP! 🙂