Tasty Tuesday – Pulled Pork Pizza

When your husband roasts a pork butt over the weekend and then has plenty of leftovers, so he makes a pizza with delicious caramelized onions and leftover pulled pork 😍

Does your husband like to cook? Mine LOVES to cook, which is good, because I really prefer to EAT the food, not COOK the food 🙂

This or That Thursday – Pizza or Pasta

It’s time for another reiteration of This or That Thursday!

Imagine you have to give up one — which would you rather give up, pizza, or pasta?

I can imagine your horrified expression, and I know you are thinking WHY WOULD YOU ASK SUCH A THING?!

I’m just curious… it’s fun to see which food has more fans (yes, I know they both have a lot. but one of them has to be more popular)

Where does YOUR vote fall?

Tasty Tuesday – Greek Pizza Muffins

Oh man, pizza gets me every time. I LOVE pizza… I know it’s not healthy and should be a treat, but it’s so good! Why is it so good?!

This recipe combines two of my loves – pizza, and Greek, and puts them in a portion control-friendly format – thats a win! 🙂

Greek Pizza Muffins

Does this sound like something you might try? It’s fun to make a batch and then have them ready-made for the week!

Snow Day – Pizza!

Gorgeous AND tasty!
Gorgeous AND tasty!

We love a good snow day here – provided we are off work and don’t have to endure our separate commutes in blizzard conditions (especially since I have to cross both the Jamestown and Newport bridges to and from work!).

But since the state of Rhode Island, and much of New England, is basically shut down today, we are good to relax and not really fret about what the snow brings. It’s fabulous. I feel so know much better knowing I can just post up with work, safely at home, warm and safe… perfect.

So we didnt know what the snow would bring, so last night we had pizza… homemade dough, and homemade tomato sauce, and it was fabulous! Making things ourselves, we are much easier able to control what goes into our bodies, and I’m a huge fan of that!

So far, our snow-in is awesome… stay tuned!

I want to hear what some of your snow day favorites are… let’s hear it!