Soul Food Saturday – Soul Soothing!

So peaceful and pretty here πŸ’•

My soul has really enjoyed the various scenic views out this way!

Have you been out West?

It is an entirely different climate than I am used to, being from New England… but the weather at this current period of time is intoxicatingly refreshing!

The sun feels sooooo good.

Soul Care Sunday – Ladies Day at the Winery

Thank you to the wonderful souls who kept us company today – my own soul needed that kind of judgment-free, welcomed distraction, and I’m reminded once again that no matter how tough life gets, there are always people who care and are there and will be a source of love and laughter.

It’s always humbling to look at how many awesome people we have in our corner and to remind ourselves how blessed we are! We appreciate all of you!

πŸ’• the best wines are the ones we drink with friends (loved this Kari!) πŸ’•

Self Love Saturday – Summer

Summer is almost here! Summer Eve (the date, not the product!) is as awesome as Christmas or New Years Eve for me… I live for the summer! It is especially welcomed by those of us in New England who can STILL see snow (seriously, not joking…) in some parts of Boston after a brutally relentless winter.

So I’m thrilled its finally here! I think my plan is a nice pedicure and allow myself to (safely, of course) soak up some Vitamin D! It has been a struggle lately to find time to just relax and recharge – I have been so busy with A Peaceful Diabetic, 401Love Designs, my Beachbody business, planning my wedding, and everything else in life such as full time job, helping family, etc… sitting and doing “nothing” (or at most, taking in the view or reading a good book) has been VERY difficult to come by. But like I said, you can’t always be go-go-go, do-do-do… you have to find time to relax and recharge or you will burn out!

Summer is the perfect time to slow it down a little bit, wouldn’t you agree? πŸ™‚

hello summer


Self Love Saturday – Toes In The Sand

After a rough couple of weeks, I want nothing more than to lie on the beach, toes in the sand, just soaking in the salt air (being a lifelong resident of the Ocean State, I am a firm believer in the notion that the cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears, or the sea), just being content doing nothing but soaking up Vitamin D and salt air.

There is, of course, way too much to do right now to spend a whole weekend day doing “nothing”… so I am making it my goal to sit and soak in the sun and salt air for at least 10 minutes.

What will you do for Self-Love Saturday?