Therapeutic Thursday – Acupuncture

I can be a stubborn person (she said, in the understatement of the year! 😉)
I will sometimes get an idea of something in my head, how awful or horrible it might be, and completely cut off the possibility of it being beneficial.

I don’t love being closed minded like that, and I actively work to be more open minded.

Acupuncture was one of those things. I heard for years all the benefits, but all I hyper-focused on was •needles• being stuck into my body •voluntarily•, as in not to check my blood sugars or anything like that.

When you get as much blood work done as I do, voluntarily being poked with needles can be DAUNTING.

But… I FINALLY relented when I realized I needed help managing what was quickly becoming depression, and I’ve never looked back. In fact, I look forward to the release acupuncture provides!

The needles don’t hurt, my acupuncturist is freakin’ amazing, and the benefits are WORTH opening up your mind towards.

I remain so GRATEFUL that although it took me a while, I gave acupuncture a chance; it’s a safe, healthy release for the multitude of emotions.

Have you tried?

Wednesday Wisdom – With Brave Wings, She Flies

“I could never do what you do!”

I get this message way more than I’d like and it makes me sad… and my response varies, but it’s usually along the lines of “have you even tried?” or “not with that attitude!” because here’s the thing…

I had those same limiting thoughts. I thought I couldn’t do the things too. In fact, 5 years ago I almost said no to Rebecca’s challenge group invite because I was convinced I couldn’t do it due to lingering injuries.

And some things I couldn’t (and some things I still can’t!) do…

…but the difference is I was willing to •try•
I was willing to •fail•
I was willing to •modify•

I was willing to check those limiting beliefs at the door and see what I’m capable of when my MIND and my BELIEF IN MY SELF are in the drivers seat.

I was willing to go in open minded, instead of weighed down by the baggage of what I might not be able to do.

And with that shift came a lot of power. I no longer watch new programs come out and think “I could never do that”, instead I start at Day 1 and I build. And fail. And modify. It’s not always pretty…

But it starts with being brave enough to TRY. You can’t FLY if you don’t TRY.



Mindset Monday – Change Your Life

Sick of where you are in life? Want more, want better, want change? First, you have to change YOURSELF , and to do THAT, you need to change your MINDSET.

Hands down, your mindset is your biggest OBSTACLE, but also your greatest ASSET, when its one of POSITIVITY, not negativity.

Having a positive, growth mindset is the secret to changing your life… successful people, people who change their lives around, they are OPEN to new approaches and are WILLING to experiment with new solutions. They don’t box themselves in, they stay open to the possibility that if they want something bad enough, there IS a way, they just have to FAIL FORWARD until they discover it.

If you can get your mindset right, it will greatly help everything else – I speak from a lot of experience here!