Sunday Well Spent – Food Prep

Food prep used to totally overwhelm me until I figured out it didn’t have to be the whole kit-n-caboodle… it does NOT have to be ALL your meals for EVERY day of the week, but rather, a few key components to help you have nutritious, nourishing foods ready to go.

And these key components are different for everyone! Today, I don’t have time to bake, but I’m gonna get my eggs boiled, my fruits and veggies washed and cut, and my quinoa salad ready to go!

It’s worth carving out a little time for your health and wellness 💕


Tip Tuesday – Late Night Snacks

Whyyyyyy is it so easy to snack at night?! I can’t be the only one!?

Obviously there are sensible snacks, and snacks you really shouldn’t eat just before going to a sleep state for 8 hours.

This link has some Diabetic-friendly snacks for those late night cravings!


Try It Tuesday – Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

You guys… I swear… I would never fib to you. So I am serious when I say, if I didn’t know this was made with butternut squash and was healthier, I would have no idea. It works, seriously, and it is SO delicious.

My husband and I made it last week because I have been craving mac n cheese, and then a friend posted this recipe in our Challenge Group so my mind connected the dots and voila, dinner idea!

We didn’t use parsley, but it was optional anyways. I personally prefer cavatappi for my mac and cheese’s, and I have yet to find whole wheat cavatappi, so even still with it being healthier, it was still a splurge (but if you follow my blog you know by now that I firmly believe in splurging and not denying myself – portion control is key here!)

We used our immersion blender and it worked perfectly. Husband was even impressed, which always makes me happy! Delicious and we will make it again, absolutely!

Have you ever tried Butternut Squash? It’s a great way to sneak veggies in for kiddo’s who may not be a fan of them, too. For the record, I’m not advocating lying, I am just saying, sometimes, with some picky eaters, what they don’t know not only WILL NOT hurt them, but will help them! 😉

With a rich array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as significant amounts of digestive fiber, Butternut squash is up there as one of the most nutritious veggies you can have!


Whole Foods Wednesday – Whole Grains

Grains get a bad rap, and its understandable. But whole grains shouldn’t be lumped into the bad category! Yes, refined grains are not good for you, but all grains are NOT created equal!

Here are six reasons why you should enjoy whole grains sensibly:

  1. They Boost Your Fiber Intake – Fibrous grains like oats, bulgur, and whole grain rye can provide you with the soluble and insoluble fiber necessary to help you remain full, control blood sugar levels, and stave off cardiovascular disease. The Institute of Medicine suggests that adult males and females take in 25 grams and 38 grams of fiber per day, respectively.
  2. Regularity – A high-fiber diet can keep bowel movements healthy and regular.
  3. Whole Grains Boost Phytonutrient Consumption – Whole grains naturally contain phytonutrients that support your efforts to remain free from type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Then humans stripped the fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals during the refining process. The result? A diet high in refined grains — white bread, white rice, non-whole wheat pasta, instant oatmeal, and sugary cereals made with enriched flour — instead of organic ones.
  4. They Help Control Hunger Cravings – Riding the refined grain train and snacking on foods high on the glycemic index (a ranked list of foods ordered based on how they increase your blood sugar) will initiate a blood sugar spike and can set you on a path toward nonstop cravings. Refined grains act a lot like sugar, when you eat them, insulin comes in to get rid of the extra blood sugar. Once it’s gone, the insulin remains in the system. Then you crave more food.
  5. Whole Grains Add Nutrient Variety to Your Diet – A small percentage of the population has celiac disease — a medical reason to avoid gluten. Another small percentage has developed an intolerance to gluten.  If you’re looking to taste test gluten-free grains, give a nod to teff, millet, buckwheat, or amaranth. I’m guessing you’ve already eaten wild rice and quinoa, which are also gluten-free.
  6. They’re Easy to Cook With – A 2014 study published in journal Public Health Nutrition found that at-home cooks consumed more fiber and less calories, carbs, and sugar compared to those who dined out. Using hemp and barley, as well as the aforementioned teff, buckwheat, or amaranth are simple, healthy ways to beef up your meals with nutrients. Grains are super easy to work with — you can even throw them in your oatmeal!

Source: Beachbody Blog