Cookie Swap 2018!

Are they perfect? Nope.
Are they all the exact same size/shape? Nope.

But they taste good and they didn’t bring about 1 single mishap or meltdown while I made them.

Historically, baking gets the best of me due to its precise nature… so that these edible babes are tasty and didn’t trip me up, we’re calling it a win! 🙌🏼

Some people do complicated cookies but I’m not one of them!

Do you like to bake?

Motivation Monday – Better Not Perfect

What do you strive for? Do you strive for perfection? Or do you strive to be better, stronger, quicker…

Me, I long ago recognize that perfection is the one thing you CAN’T achieve, even if you put your mind to it. I know it, and I embrace it. Knowing I only have to be BETTER, and not PERFECT, takes MUCH of the pressure off of me, and I love it!

i'll never be perfect

Strive to be better – than yesterday, than last week, than last month, than last year. Let today be the day you drop your quest for perfection, and embrace improving.