Tip Tuesday – Say NO

How often do you say no? We as society LOAD our plates down, thus creating a task list we can’t unearth from; one we can’t ever truly finish. To keep today’s tip simple, just say NO.

Sometimes we have to say NO to something so we can say YES to something else. No matter how fast or how productive you work, you still get the same amount of time as anyone else. so you have to make it count. By saying NO┬áto something that doesn’t suit your needs or desires, you open up the ability to say YES to something that does.

NO Repeated

Say NO today. Buck the system. Take something off your to-do list, and add ‘take a nap”. Or do something that you want to do.

It’s okay to say no. Respecting yourself enough to recognize if something doesn’t align with your goals is powerful, and more of us should do it. Knowing your worth, the value of your time and how it’s best used are priceless.

It’s okay to say NO. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.