Taco Tuesday!

I mean, right?!

Look, people have the right to be negative, but you have the right to take yourself away from it!

As a rehabbing negative Nellie, I can tell you it is way more fun and way more uplifting to not be that person.

I can say this because, I’ve been on both ends. I used to be that super negative person. I used to be the person heaping my negativity onto others, bringing them down and killing the feel good vibes.

And this is hard for some people to imagine, they express surprise when I mention how bad I was and how I was called out on it. Their surprise is honestly the most wonderful feeling, because it means I’m THAT FAR removed from being that person!

It means I have come so far, and worked so hard, and spent copious amounts of time battling my mindset.

I still battle it, I likely always will… but those negative thoughts are now the exception, not the rule, and life is just so much better that way!

Now, where are my tacos? 🌮

Wednesday Wisdom – Optimism

Confession: I am guilty. Guilty of sometimes falling victim to a negative frame of mind. I detest this quality about myself, and I work on it daily – through personal development reading, chats with my mentor, all sorts of ways.

Our last team call was focused on the Law of Attraction, and I have been in deep thought since. Don’t get me wrong, I am not negative about everything, all day every day. But sometimes it creeps out, which is enough, for me. It’s the little things, really…

So I have been working hard at being a happiness magnet, so to speak. I am working on recognizing when those tiny little negative tidbits are sneaking their way in, and working on silencing them and redirecting them towards positivity.

optimism is a happiness magnet

Not always easy, but I am determined to eradicate any and all negativity, because there is just no time or room for that in my life.

Are you an optimist? Do you ever have negative thoughts? If you do, how do you handle them?