Dear Monday, Please be kind…

Dear Monday, please be kind…

That was honestly my first thought when I woke up, and last week I was already thinking about how exhausting this week is gonna be.

It’s just such a busy time of year, being pulled in so many different directions… but we got it done nice and early, because DESPITE being busy, we DO the things we need to do, WITHOUT making excuses!

The wind was not so kind to my hair on my walk in… what do you think, should I stick with it? 😉


Fur Mom Life – Workout Distractions!

Fur mom life, am I right?! 😍

I usually finish before she wakes up, but sometimes she comes out before I finish and commandeers my space, tries to step all over my face (floor work + a playful, rambunctious pup…)

Even so, this is still better than having to schlep myself to a gym, wait for machines, and share sweat with those who ‘don’t remember’ to wipe things down…

That’s why I love being able to do my thing in the comfort of my own home. Some people love gyms, and power to them – you do you!

But I haven’t been to a gym in about 8 years now, and I think I’m doing okay… puppy distractions simply mean it takes a little longer, but I am firmly ‘team puppy love’!

As long as it gets done (and it does!)

Sunday Runday!

Sunday Rundaaaaay!

Coldest weather I’ve ever gone running in – you would think the 26 degree weather would speed my pace up, but nope, still huggin’ 10 minute miles.

I AM still proud I got out there and did something – it took a LOT of self pep-talking! I much prefer the temps of spring/warm fall, but it makes me happy to know I CAN run in cooler temps.

Tuesday Thoughts – Obstacles Into Opportunities

“Who the hell wants to take health and fitness advice from a Diabetic?!” – actual words that left my mouth when I was approached about the Beachbody opportunity. I know… SO cringeworthy.

But at the time, it felt totally true. It really did seem ludicrous that I could help ANYONE, when I was barely helping MYSELF.

Here’s where the beauty of BELIEF, power of personal development, and FAITH come into play – I didn’t know the HOW, I just knew the WHY. And the WHY helped me figure out the HOW. It helped the big picture come into play, and the big picture would be accomplished by the small steps, day in and day out.

I no longer feel that way about myself as a Diabetic and my abilities as a Coach. So here is where I tell you that if YOU have any silly reason why YOU shouldn’t be able to change your life – toss that notion into the trash… you CAN do anything, and people WILL join and support you along the way!

It boils down to just being real, being authentic, being YOU – people can resonate with that!

What’s holding YOU back?


Friday Fitness – Beachbody On Demand

Even though I am between official programs (because I timed my last one to finish just before my vacation — planning ahead is my JAM), I am still working out this week, here in our vacation home.

I am making it work with the space and my Beachbody On Demand All Access – I have every single Beahbody workout ever made, and all I need is my laptop (or my tablet, or even my phone).

I can do gentle stretching or I can pump some weights. I can be a cardio queen or a dancing machine.

Full discosure here: this is 100% my own opinion – Beachbody on Demand is one of the most valuable innovations I have seen in a long time, truly making your health and fitness goals possible – eliminating all obstacles and excuses. I love them for that. I love Beachbody for doing that, for creating that. I love them for finding a way I can continue on my goals despite being on vacation.

That’s so awesome – you can take it anywhere. You can do any workout anywhere. That’s amazing.

If you haven’t tried Beachbody On Demand All Access, what are you waiting for? Let’s get all these awesome workouts at YOUR fingertips, and lets get YOU closer to YOUR goals!

Get it ALL here or hey, just wanna try it out? Click here and scroll down to the bottom right option – you will see it says 30 days free!

Transformation Tuesday – Hammer and Chisel

Whew! I did it! I actually did it! I think back to the first time I tried Hammer & Chisel, and how disastrous it was… and then I think back to the first day of this second attempt, and, if I am being 100% honest, I was already making up excuses to get out of it – I was terrified.

But something clicked inside of me. And I decided I was all in – and I was gonna prove, no matter how hard it was, that I could do this. And so it became personal (and that’s NOT a bad thing at all). I was not gonna let my fellow coaches doing it with me down, and I was not gonna let myself down. I was gonna battle all the way to the end. So that’s what I did – and it was T O T A L L Y a battle. But I realized I am a worthy opponent, and I was gonna take it one day at a time. So thats what I did!

In doing this start to finish, I learned SO much about myself. I learned I COULD get myself out of bed at 4:30 to get my workout(s) in, and I COULD finish them. I paused to catch my breath and then kept going – I never stopped. I didn’t quit. I didn’t skip a single day. That actually means a lot to me.

I battled. I upped my weights. I moved when I just wanted to lie on the damn floor. To prove that I could. I am a very free spirit with workouts. I never go by schedules – I look at my extensive library and see what speaks to me. So following a set schedule was different for me. And I learned that I LOVE THAT. Following a schedule actually helped me get the balance.

I feel strong, confident, and FIT… I feel vibrant, courageous, and CAPABLE. And that’s the real takeaway from this program – proving to myself that I could, especially after this one got the better of me previously. I have lived my life always believing there is nothing I can’t do – those very words always ensure I CAN; I hate being told I can’t – those words are fuel, they are personal. And so it was fuel to make sure this attempt would stick!

In summation, no, it wasn’t easy. Yes, it’s doable. No, you won’t want to be best friends with Autumn after. Yes, you will curse both trainers. No, you won’t die. YES, you will sweat like it’s going out of style. But if you take the advice I offered yesterday about keeping the faith and trusting the process… YES, you can do this!

(I should also confess that my nutrition was not 100% and we all know that makes a difference – I would say mine was at 80-90%)

Final stats:

  • Waist – lost 1 inch
  • Hips – lost 1.5 inches
  • Left Thigh – gained ¾ inch
  • Right Thigh – gained ¾ inch
  • Chest – lost 1 inch
  • Left Arm – gained 1 inch
  • Right Arm – gained ½ inch

Losses and gains make the world go round!

Before - Hammer and Chisel

After - Hammer and Chisel

Motivation Monday – It’s YOUR Body. YOU Move It!

Sometimes we need some tough love, right?

nobody cares

Many people struggle with sticking to their health and fitness in the cooler months – I understand, I think we all do. But you have to find a way to work past that! You have to find a way to make your goals greater than your excuses.

No one can do it for you. You can have all the help and support in the world, but if you aren’t willing to put in some sweat equity, it doesn’t matter.

It’s YOUR body. YOU move it!