Wellness Wednesday – Today is a good day…

Today is a freakin’ BEAUTIFUL day to…

… STOP apologizing for what you want to go after.

… STOP hating your body.

… STOP playing the comparison game.

… STOP saying yes when you want to say no (and also stop saying NO when you want to say YES!)

… STOP doubting yourself.

… STOP doing shit you hate.

… STOP limiting yourself.


… START doing the things that set your soul on FIRE

What are you going to go after today?!

Mindset Monday – Your Biggest Obstacle


Look, I’m living freakin’ proof that your mindset is not only your BIGGEST obstacle, but it’s also the most POWERFUL puzzle piece.

I used to focus on negatives, zero in on imperfections, give way too much weight to flaws, treat everyone like my personal therapist, and just straight up did not believe in myself. So everything was mediocre.

Because I mean, of course – you CAN’T and you WON’T be able to SHINE until you get your mind right. There is no way around it; your mindset and your belief in yourself are the powerful one-two punch you NEED to be unstoppable.

So, clear the mental chatter and just believe in your abilities, right here, right now. YES, YOU CAN DO JUST THAT. It’s hard, yes (and worth it!), but impossible? NOPE.

Need help? We’re better together, dont’cha know? 😉

Feel Good Friday – Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Seems so simple, because it is! Stand strong, believe in yourself, and chase those dreams! The day I decided to become a Beachbody Coach, I committed to doing just this, and I have grown exponentially, and the great thing is, I am only just getting warmed up – I have BIG dreams because I have BIG ABILITIES!
My obstacles are my opportunities!
Inhale… exhale… now go after what you want!