Motivation Monday – Chances of Success

No matter what anyone says, your success is tied to your efforts. I know, I sometimes wanna call BS on this too, but nope, it’s true…

Your effort indicates how bad you want something, how many times you are willing to fail and fail again, and it also shows how willing you are to WORK for what you want, instead of having it handed to you (probably easier, yes, but definitely not nearly as meaningful, in my opinion!)

If you aren’t willing to make 100% effort, then, in all honesty, it doesn’t give the impression you really want something. Go on, go give it your all, and let me know how it works out for you!


Wednesday Wisdom – Work Like a Boss

You have to start to be great. You have to have the drive, determination, and focus to fail forward, no matter what obstacles set out to deter you. You have to work like a boss!

To quote a fellow coach of mine, Tony Furtado “You have to hustle like you’re gonna be homeless”.

You would be surprised at just what you can achieve with stakes and circumstances.

So go… work like a boss. No one else will do it for you. You say you want it, so put your money where your mouth is and get it!


Thursday Thoughts – Believe

The day you believe there is nothing you can’t do, is the day there truly is nothing you can’t do.

Love this. Belief is like the one ingredient you can’t substitute. Belief is like baking – due to its nature, its precise… if you don’t have the proper amount of certain things, your cake wont set, or your cookies will be flat, so on and so forth. It’s not like cooking, where you have much more freedom to improvise.

When you believe in yourself, you set the mental note for any of those doubts; you put them on notice that while they may try to derail you, you will fail forward and keep on trucking. When you truly believe that you can overcome whatever obstacles are placed in your way, YOU CAN. But without that belief, those obstacles don’t seem scalable. They don’t seem like something you can overcome.

You’ve gotta BELIEVE to ACHIEVE.

dream it believe it achieve it

Motivation Monday – Don’t Stop Trying

Happy Monday! First Monday of a new month, so many possibilities! ­čÖé┬áTodays little motivational quip… TRUTH.

When you stop trying, yeah, the Universe is gonna pay attention, and the Universe isn’t in the business of rewarding those who stop trying; those who quit.

Some people quit anyways and wonder why nothing good ever comes for them, and the truth is, because they don’t stick it out. You don’t get to enjoy the rewards if you don’t put in the work.

You only fail when you stop trying

Now in my businesses, I have wanted to give up… oh… pfft, I think I lost track when I got into the hundreds of times. Luckily for me, I have a team (and a husband!) who would never let me give up on something that is important for me. I talk a lot of game about how “I’m over it, I’m done” but truthfully, I AM NOT a quitter. No one with much success is.

So if something doesn’t go according to plan (my life story, basically), regroup, take a different path, switch it up, and KEEP┬átrying.

But don’t STOP┬átrying.


Motivation Monday – Number One Skill in Life…

Who agrees? I mean, does anything really matter more than this? Never giving up?

number one skill - never giving up

You have to keep reaching, keep trying, keep failing, and keep going. It’s not about how many times you fail – some of the biggest successes in our generation also came AFTER the biggest number of failures.

Where would our world be if people gave up? Would we have the medical advancements that we do? Would we be such a technologically-capable world? Would we have the advanced science that we do? We wouldn’t have as many amazing inventions as we are blessed to have, and we certainly wouldn’t have the substantial arts, literature, and musical compositions that we do.

The beauty of life and living it is celebrating your failures AND your successes. Failure means you are trying! Success means you tried over and over again until you got it. BOTH are worthy of respect and admiration (and neither is easy!).

So never give up. Think how differently your life would be without medicines to help your ails, and all the other advancements we have, had those people given up, and let that inspire YOU to never give up.

Motivation Monday – Stumbles

Okay, it’s one of those tough love kinda days here… and I speak from experience, as this concept has had to be absolutely DRILLED into my head.

Stumbles ARE going to happen. There is not ONE journey out there that has not had them. Not one. If you can find me someone who can prove otherwise, I will concede, but if and until that day happens, DO NOT let stumbles be the end of your journey!

Stumbles will happen. Usually at the most inopportune of times, but this is a great time to look inward and see how bad you really want something.

never let a stumble in the rosd be the end of your journey

You have to be willing to fail forward – and THAT is the concept my team/Upline has had to drill into my head. I have failed. And at those moments I have wanted to give up, and give in. Instead, I regrouped and gave it all I have.

And thats what you have to do, if you want something. Don’t see the failure as the end; don’t use it as an excuse to quit. Let it strengthen your resolve, dig your heels in, and try again.

If you let the stumble be the end of the journey, you’ll never know what you are capable of. You are bigger than any stumble; any obstacle!

So again, here comes the most common question: how bad do you want it?