Move It Monday – Heroic

You know what I find heroic?

Yes, of course our military, first responders and their families/the people who support them, absolutely!

But I also find it heroic when someone decides to love themselves as they are, while also loving themselves enough to show up to be even better.

It IS heroic when someone realizes their self worth enough to know they are great, but can be even greater. To show up, shine their light, and be their brightest self.

It is NOT selfish to take the time for yourself and your wellness – I do it now and I will continue doing so through my pregnancy AND after the baby is here.

It might be a little more challenging, but when have you ever known me to back down from a challenge?! 😉


Move It Monday – LIIFT4 Round 2!

Back at it! Round 2 began today!

“But Kara, I thought you were taking it a little easier?!”

And I am… I won’t be running as much, and I’m not focusing on increasing my weights as much as I am focusing on my nutrition, and mastering FORM…

But I still need to workout, I still need to move my body. That’s stress relief for me and now is definitely NOT the time to eliminate a much needed source of that!

Motivation Monday – Energy and Persistence

Happy Monday! First Monday of the Autumn Equinox! Are you a fan? I LOVE IT. I think I am biased because of where I live, but it is amazing here — goes by way too quick!

With the Autumn comes cooler temps, and while I like cooler temps, they lend themselves quickly to cold temps. I like chilly, crisp… not so much cold.

So it can be harder to motivate yourself to move, to eat clean when you just want to dive into hearty comfort foods, and to keep yourself light and bright with the reduced daylight hours.

But you know what? Do it anyways. You can, you know you should… find it within you to shove any and all excuses to the side and DO IT.

You have everything you need – add some energy and some persistence, and you are golden! Go forth and conquer!

What area do you live in? Do you like Autumn?




Move It Monday – Why You Need To Do Squats

Squats. Some love them, some hate them. Where do you fall?

I actually love them (just not of the Bulgarian nature!) – they are effective and challenging, but they can basically be done anywhere so it’s nice to be able to sneak a few in here and there!

Squats - K

But did you know why you should do them regularly? They are ripe with benefits but here are some of the key ones:

  • Few exercises work as many muscles as the squat, so it’s an excellent multi-purpose activity useful for toning and tightening your behind, abs, and, of course, your legs.
  • Squats are one of the best functional exercises out there, as humans have been squatting since the hunter-gatherer days. When you perform squats, you build muscle and help your muscles work more efficiently, as well as promote mobility and balance.
  • Squatting helps athletes run faster and jump higher, which is why this exercise is part of virtually every professional athlete’s training program.
  • For every pound of additional muscle you gain, your body will burn an additional 50-70 calories per day. And squats? Oh boy do they build muscle!
  • Squats are terrific for increasing leg strength. They also work your core, stabilizing muscles, which will help you to maintain balance.
  • Squats improve the range of motion in your ankles and hips, which helps prevent injury.
  • Squats can actually help you improve both your upper and lower body strength – squats are intense enough that they trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone in your body, which are vital for muscle growth.

They are really a full body exercise, not just meant to shape your booty!

So lay it on me – who does their squats regularly!?

Move It Monday – Why Should Diabetics Lead Active Lifestyles?

Well the short answer is because EVERYONE who is able-bodied should lead an active lifestyle. The long answer…

If you stay fit and active throughout your life, you’ll be able to better control your diabetes and keep your blood glucose level in the correct range, which is essential in preventing long-term complications, such as nerve damage, kidney failure, etc.

While exercise has a laundry list of benefits, it is especially beneficial in that it makes it easier to control your blood glucose levels. As type 2 diabetics, we have too much blood glucose. Exercising helps your muscles get the glucose they need, and as a result, your blood glucose levels go down!

Exercise keeps your heart healthy and strong, which is a big plus, because unfortunately as type 2 diabetics, we are susceptible to developing blocked arteries (arteriosclerosis). This can lead to a heart attack, which we all know is not good.

move it monday

I know, sometimes exercise can be daunting. But it’s necessary, and if you stick with it, it becomes a habit, and you will be healthier for it. I hate to sound like an extremist but people who don’t find the time to exercise now, could potentially someday have to find the time for illness. Ward it off now, as best as you can.

Exercising helps me feel empowered because, like I have said, I can do EVERYTHING right and still face complications (due to the nature of Diabetes), but by living a healthier lifestyle, staying active, being conscious of what and how much I eat, all of these things and more stack the odds FOR me, not AGAINST me. And considering I was diagnosed at age 29, at a mere 111 lbs on a 5’1 frame, I am all for giving myself the best chance I can.

I do NOT want to look back and say “I wish I would have….” So I don’t wish. I DO. And I am better off for it.

Move It Monday – Mental Health

So we have heard this for years – exericise has tons of benefits (which yes, it does!). But I think many people see that as just a physical benefit, such as weight loss or muscle gain. Some people may not realize that it is a GREAT way to boost your brain power, your mental capacity, etc.

We know it helps manage stress levels. We know the rush we feel after exercising (for me, I feel like I can conquer the world post-workout!)

Since summer is around the corner and in most parts of the country, this is the prime time to really focus on your workouts, I am sharing some information culled from Huffington Post.

13 Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise – can you think of any others? I know there are quite a bit!

Enjoy your Monday!