Motivation Monday – Find It Within

I am often asked how I stay MOTIVATED.

The truth? I don’t. I also have to constantly look within to find the motivation. I WISH it was always omnipresent, ready to lift me up when I may be feeling weighed down or lacking…

I do usually find the motivation to do the damn things, because I know I am WORTH it, and I know that no one else can do it FOR me. I know that INTENTIONS are wonderful, but without ACTION, they get nowhere. And I know I am always better for doing the stuff I may not always wanna do – I promise you from the depths of my soul, there is a REALLY incredibly empowering feeling within RISING above your excuses and DOING IT. Powerful shit, no joke.

But you may not see the times I hit snooze.
You may not hear the pep talks I have to dole out to myself to get in gear.
You may not view the mental battle that sometimes comes from knowing you need to put in the effort, but not seeing those efforts pan out.
And you may not hear me occasionally whining that I just don’t wanna (replete with whiny toddler voice!)

I try to share the good and the bad, the ugly and the bloopers (see Saturday’s entry for proof, haha) because I am a firm believer that ALL of it is part of the journey, and my hope is that it inspires someone else to realize that things are sometimes less than pretty, the struggle is sometimes so damn real, and I hope to inspire people to rise above those struggles and DO IT ANYWAYS. Be your OWN source of motivation!

And if you need additional support and motivation, join me in my awesome Success Group πŸ˜‰ – after all, that right there is a HUGE source of how I am constantly motivated!

You can request entry here!

Motivation Monday – Amazing


I’m simply saying, who the hell is inspired by perfection? You? Because I am not.

I am inspired by real, raw hustle. I am inspired by those who have all the excuses in the world, yet knock em off one by one. I am inspired by those who show up, by those who know their worth, by those who embrace feelin’ good and just wanna help others feel good, too.

I am inspired by all of the people who chose to rise up and shine.

It’s so much better to show up and be imperfect yet amazing, than to sit on the sidelines waiting for perfection.

Motivation Monday – Today is a good day to kill it

Ahhh, the Monday after a long holiday weekend, the first one of the holiday season, AND the last one in November? I know, you probably wanna do nothing more than binge Netflix and relax (just me!?)


This is a great day to be productive, to set the tone for how you want your holiday season to go, to maybe check 1 or 2 boxes off your to-do list, and also set the tone for the week!

Monday is waiting for you. Go!

Motivation Monday – Courage in Pushing Through

And you are, right? We all have obstacles. We all have to make tough decisions, tap into our inner strength and determination, and fail our way through challenges, setbacks, obstacles and fears.

But every step you take in the forward direction puts you one step closer.

Every challenge you rise to, every obstacle you scale, every bout of fear you claw through… you are closer.

And so all you need to do is keep doing JUST THAT. Keep going, one step at a time, and you will get there.

Have the courage to KEEP GOING.



Motivation Monday – Self Compassion

Do you practice self compassion?

I am sorta rough on myself… in fact, I am my own harshest critic. I am trying to shift my perspective on this, and I thought this concept was a great way to see it!

It isn’t about just one moment of compassion… it has to be consistent. You have to consistently be gentle and cut yourself some slack… after all, aren’t you doing the very best you can? What more can you ask of yourself, really?

Make a string of compassionate moments πŸ™‚

Motivation Monday – Arrows

Happy Monday! This concept has been a little too close for comfort lately but, to its credit, it’s helping me stay encouraged!

So for my part, to the best of my ability (I will confess to having some bouts of monentary doubt, but I mean, I AM human), I am trusting the process, focusing on the next adventure, staying positive, and PREPARING to LAUNCH.