Wordplay Wednesday – Hakuna Masquata

What’s that? It’s wordplay Wednesday?! Well then, this shirt fits the bill, amiright?!

My philosophy is whatever lights you up, whatever MOTIVATES you to do what it is you gotta do, whatever FUELS you, INSPIRES you and propels you into ACTION… DO THAT.

For me it’s wordplay – wordplay is my jam and LIGHTS me up, it inspires me and ENERGIZES both my heart and my soul, which energizes the rest of me. I can’t explain it, it just does.

And that may not be everyone’s jam, which is fine. The point is, YOU have to find what lights YOU up and spurs YOU into action (because we all know thinking is one thing, action is another!)

For me, a fun shirt motivates me to do the dang things even when I may not want to (I am human; those moments absolutely happen), and sometimes it just IS that simple.

Find what fuels you and run with it – DON’T worry about what others think (I stopped worrying about people judging me for just how long some wordplay can make me laaaaaugh and reminded myself that LAUGHTER is a good thing!) and don’t feel the need to explain yourself – you owe no one an explanation, but you do owe it to your HEART and SOUL to do what makes them happy, healthy and vibrant.

What quirky thing energizes YOU?

Make It Happen Monday – Go After Your Dreams

Seems so simple, because it is! Stand strong, believe in yourself, and chase those dreams! The day I decided to become a Beachbody Coach, I committed to doing just this, and I have grown exponentially, and the great thing is, I am only just getting warmed up – I have BIG dreams because I have BIG ABILITIES!
Coaching holds me accountable for myself and my health – without running Challenge Groups and being held accountable, I can’t say for sure that I would have stayed the course – I might have let one of my lame excuses keep me from pushing forward!
Coaching has given me confidence in myself and my abilities – I think back to all the things I couldn’t (or shouldn’t!) do, due to injuries or lack of strength, and I am amazed at how small, consistent changes has gotten me to where I feel confident in myself and my abilities, and I no longer think “I can’t do that!”. I might instead think “I can’t do that – YET!, because I know I am growing and getting stronger every day!
I am also grateful that as a Beachbody Coach, I have the love and support of a very supportive, inspiring community that DOES NOT expect me to be perfect and infallible – they expect us to be realistic, authentic, genuine, and willing – and I can handle that!
Whatever helps you on your journey, thats what you should do. Being part of the Beachbody community as a Coach helps me on MY journey. If you think this might help you on your journey, let’s chat!
If you would like to check out our online Beachbody Coach Sneak Peek Happy Hour, we have one this coming Thursday (20October) at 8:30 pm – we would love to have you and show you what Beachbody Coaching IS, and ISN’T (myths will be busted!)

Motivation Monday – Staying Motivated

Most asked question EVER: How do you stay motivated?

Real talk here: there comes a point in your life where you just DO IT. The #1 reason that someone decides to not become a coach is because they believe they need to LOVE fitness or be GOOD at fitness. Nope!
Being a coach holds me accountable and also gives me new and exciting programs to always try! Perfect? I don’t even bother to try and be perfect. My online accountability groups keep my ass in line and I press play even when I don’t want to!
Keeping healthy, and preserving all the hard work I have put in keeps me motivated to keep going… It is almost never easy, and sprawling out on the couch is significantly easier, but I know I can’t do that – I have to find it within to keep going, keep working towards staying healthy, happy, and vibrant.
What keeps you motivated, do you have any tricks?
How do YOU stay motivated.

Thursday Thoughts – Coach

What goes through your head when you hear the word “Coach”?

Do you think back to childhood sports and recall the Coach of your teams? Do you think back to a leader, someone who was willing to tell you how you could get better, faster, and stronger, but also just wanted you to have fun, and enjoy whatever sport you were doing participating in? Do you maybe think of someone who would bark orders at you, never making you feel like your efforts were enough?
A lot of times, people hear the word Coach associated with Beachbody, and I think its possible a handful assume that as a Beachbody Coach, we are going to do the latter of the above behaviors – we’re going to push you and yell at you and work you until failure… and I think that’s what scares some people off. I say this because this recently happened  to a friend of mine – she thought my job as a Beachbody Coach was to yell at people and humiliate them into finishing their workout. And I will confess, I was a little thrown.

My role as a Beachbody Coach is nothing even similar to that. My job IS to encourage you, but in a positive, uplifting manner. It IS my job to step in when you may not be feeling it, and remind you of your goals, and your why. And yes, my job is to be there in the trenches with you – showing you I’m doing it too; that you are not alone. As a coach, it’s my philosophy to not embrace excuses, but rather, embrace solutions.

goals coach Kara
It’s not my job, intent, or mission to humiliate you. Or make you cry. Or single you out. It’s my job to always encourage you to do your best. It’s my job to remind you in those weak moments, that you are stronger than you think. It’s my job to cheer you on, and encourage you, perhaps inspire you, to add value to your life, and to show you that what you set your mind to, you can achieve. And I mean yeah, I would push you, because that’s how we get to the other side – the side that everything we want is on. Going from the comfort zone to the uncomfortable zone is exactly what you need. I say this as someone that resisted leaving the safety of my comfort zone for SO long. If I knew then, what I knew now… well that comfort zone would have been traversed LONG ago. So I will push you, because that’s what you need to achieve your goals.
But I would NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, make you feel less than, or berate you, or poohpooh your best efforts. I am here to only lift you up and be your voice of reason when your fear is telling you that you can’t do this.
And so this is an open invite, if you would like some help reaching your goals, I am here for you. In a positive, uplifting way, nothing less! Let’s get you to those goals, shall we? 🙂