Truthbomb Tuesday – Traveling

Mmm, yeah, this about sums it up! Part of why I am working so hard to grow my business and give myself financial freedom is so we can travel more – I envision traveling all over with my children, like I did with my parents!

So traveling may not always be free (though with my Coach business, the potential is there to earn free travel!), but by working hard and growing my income, it IS more affordable and much more possible (and, I am assuming, a lot more fun when you aren’t needing to put it on credit cards!)

Did you travel a lot as a child? Do you travel more as an adult?

Fierce Friday – My Vision

I don’t like to talk about money. It’s such a touchy subject, and most people have so many emotions around it. So I usually avoid it.

But here is the thing – I share my fitness journey. I share my attempt at balancing eating clean the majority of the time instead of subsisting off of pizza, nachos, and chicken wings (the real struggle in all of this!). And I share how EFT/Tapping and working on my mindset has greatly helped me. I share those pillars easily and often.
But there is something missing. There is a 4th pillar holding this up. I don’t often enough share what this opportunity has done for me financially. I don’t share much how it has helped me see there is light at the end of the debt tunnel. I don’t share often that I was able to eliminate my credit card debt with my supplemental Beachbody income.
I talk a lot about how awesome this business is, and how its helped me grow, and thrive, and come out of my shell, and a million other things… but I always shy away from the financial aspect because I mean who wants to come across as braggadocious? It’s less about padding my bank account and more about giving myself the gift of NOT having debt, NOT having to worry what I will do if a huge, unexpected expense comes up.
Most importantly? It’s about being able to spend more time with my little ones when the day finally comes that I become a mother. To be able to comfortably stay home during those milestone moments.
My long term vision will be achieved by all my short and long term work, but I know this: it WILL happen. I am working diligently on making sure of it!

Don’t Miss The Boat – Beachbody HealthBet Boat!

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Want a share of it for doing what you ALREADY do anyways – take care of yourself, and your health?

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I BET you could use some cash flow…
I BET you think it’s too good to be true – it’s not! Anyone who logs their workouts 3x a week and Shakeology 5x a week for 4 weeks gets an equal share – no gimmicks, no strings, you just gotta be willing to commit to yourself!
I BET… You can do it!

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Beachbody Healthbet

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