Mindset Monday – The Power of Yet

Do you know the power of YET?

There is nothing you can’t do. You just may not be able to do it YET. Hold this vision, and keep going until you can. You get better. You get stronger.

You may not be able to do it YET, but the only thing stopping you is if you DON’T continue to keep going. The power of your mind is everything.

It’s not a permanent inability to do something… you just can’t do it YET!

Mindset Monday – Failures Into Lessons

I have always struggled with perfectionism, especially in my crafting. I know, “flaws” make it evident a human, not a machine made it, but I can’t help it, especially if someone is paying money… I want it to be perfect!

This trait has spilled over into most facets of my life, though THANKFULLY, I have come a long way on it. I do strive for progress, and the best I can do, but I realize perfection isn’t usually attainable.

You aren’t perfect either. You are also going to make mistakes and experience failure in multiple contexts, at multiple jobs and with multiple people. But instead of focusing on how you failed, think about what you’re going to do next time – turn your FAILURE into a LESSON.

Life is truly a lot easier when you let go of the need/desire to be perfect, and embrace the lessons in FAILING FORWARD.perfection-crossed-out

Mindset Monday – Find Humor In All Situations

Can anyone else relate? I sometimes laugh at THE MOST inappropriate times. Not to be disrespectful, or to make light of anything… it’s just a defense mechanism I have.  It’s a laugh-or-cry thing. I’m not a huge fan of it (and it has gotten me some dirty looks, too!), but on the flip side, being able to find humor in all situations is actually a blessing in disguise, to a sense.

Allow yourself to experience humor even in the darkest or most challenging situations. Remind yourself that this situation will probably make for a good story later and try to crack a joke about it. Find the humor, be able to laugh it off and recognize that this too shall pass!

Say you’re laid off — imagine the most absurd way you could spend your last day at the office, or the most ridiculous job you could pursue next—like Penguinologist or Director of Sandbags.

Do you laugh at the “wrong” times too?


Mindset Monday – Better an oops…

First Monday of the new year! Let’s talk M I N D S E T.

I stand by this opinion with every fiber of my being. I get it, taking risks, being vulnerable, failing… all of them are scary. No one WANTS such things to happen… but that is life. An oops means you at least tried, you know one way or another. How can failing forward possibly be worse than never trying at all?


Mindset Monday – Positive Energy

Reformed person here! I never realized just how much energy I gave to the negative until two of my mentors basically called me on it.


I should note that I am still very much a work in progress, and in the current state of the world it is easy to be sucked into negativity – but I have also developed practices to help myself get out of the negative rut – Tapping, journaling, sometimes even writing it out and then burning it…

Negativity is easy, but… so isn’t positivity! That’s what you need to spread, that’s what you need to focus your energies on. There is always good happening in your life, we just don’t always see it because the negative blinds us.

But as someone who was once bogged down by negativity, truly, there is hope… you have to LET GO of the negative mindset, because it’s not serving you! I fought that for a long time, but I started Tapping daily, and it made it easier to recognize it wasn’t doing anything for me, in fact it was only bringing those around me down with me, because I was spreading it!

Truly, Tapping has made a HUGE difference in my life, huge. I am so grateful for my mentors for not only calling me out on my negativity, but OFFERING solutions to combat it.

I don’t thank them enough for that!