Love is…

Love is when your husband gets up at an ungodly hour to turn the electric fireplace on so the room you workout in will be a little warmer for when you begin 😍 (we still have no heat and we don’t leave the electric fireplace on while we sleep!)

Look, far be it from me to take away any meaning from the huge, grandiose gestures… but for me personally, it’s those small but SUPER meaningful things that matter MOST and remind me exactly why he’s my person 💕




Feel Good Friday – Try

Don’t worry about the risks – risks bring rewards, or lessons. Both propel you forward!

If it means something to you, it ain’t even close to pointless.

And nothing is impossible. Nothing.

If your heart is tellin’ you to TRY, heed that whispering – big things happen when you take a leap and TRY.