Sunday Shakeology – Mocha Peanut Butter

Ahhh, peanut butter. You can never go wrong with peanut butter! You can also use any other nut butter – I am sure it works with all of them! (and now I am on a quest to find out…)

Would you try it?




Sunday Shakeology – Maple Coffee

When coffee meets maple, what happens? DELICIOUSNESS. Pure deliciousness!

Some variations: you can add actual coffee instead of almond milk, and you can also use Maple extract if you have some, instead of maple syrup!

Very fall-like recipe, warms you right up! Happy Sunday!



Sunday Shakeology – Pumpkin Pie

Confession: I AM NOT one of those people who likes pumpkin everything. Nope, I pick and choose (and to be fair I think it’s gotten sort of out of control, just in my opinion…).

I do love my Mother’s Pumpkin Pie, and I do love a pumpkin flavored drink here and there, so of course I love it in my Shakeology!

Pumpkin Pie

Do you go crazy for pumpkin anything and everything? Do you have a favorite?

Or do you think Pumpkin-EVERYTHING is a bit much?