Flex Friday – Going Backwards… for good reason!

Happy Friday! 😊

Full disclosure: It was hard for me to feel like I was “going backwards”, to see my muscles in flex Friday pics be smaller than they once were.

For months before I was even pregnant, I was setting the stage for pregnancy by not lifting heavy, but rather lifting what I would be able to sustain during pregnancy (which in this case is 10lbs, per my doctor) and so naturally, my muscles aren’t where they were.

And that was hard. As someone who’s always progressing and never looking backwards, as much as I hate to admit it, it was hard.

But the beauty of this is muscle has memory!

This is the path I need right now for a safe pregnancy, and when I’m able, I’ll get right back to kickin’ butt and lifting heavy – after all, I’ll have a baby to set a strong example for! 💕


Adventures in Pregnancy – 4 Months!

Holy bananas – I’ve passed the 4 months/16 weeks mark, which is CRAZY – that means I’m almost halfway there!

On the one hand I feel like it’s FLYING by, on the other I’m SO ready to meet this little baby that I’m like c’mon, how am I only halfway there?! So weird how something can go so quickly YET so slowly at the same time!

But there’s still so much to do, so you keep growing, little baby, and we will keep preparing for your arrival! 😍

Did you feel like your pregnancy went by super quickly or agonizingly slowly?