Thursday Thoughts – Play Your Hand

I didn’t choose to be a Diabetic, but I am.

I didn’t choose to lose most of my hearing, but I did.

I could sit here and rattle off a whole laundry list of “I didn’t choose…” statements.

Some things in life just happen for no rhyme or reason. You take the hand you are dealt, and you play it to the BEST of your ability.

That’s truly winning the game. Getting the best cards isn’t winning the game, because it never challenges you to grow, to rise above, to turn your obstacles into your opportunities.

Trust me when I tell you, it feels GOOD to earn it, to work for it, to rise above and make it happen.

What will YOU rise above?

Motivation Monday – Time

First Monday of a new month! Time for some motivation! Will you make the shortest month the best one? February is our shortest month, but that doesn’t mean you cant change the world, and change your life during this short but sweet month!

The old adage is true, and I fully embrace it – it doesn’t matter how much time you do (or don’t!) have – what DOES matter is what you DO with the time you have.

What will you do today to better your life, to brighten your future?


Wednesday Wisdom – Work Like a Boss

You have to start to be great. You have to have the drive, determination, and focus to fail forward, no matter what obstacles set out to deter you. You have to work like a boss!

To quote a fellow coach of mine, Tony Furtado “You have to hustle like you’re gonna be homeless”.

You would be surprised at just what you can achieve with stakes and circumstances.

So go… work like a boss. No one else will do it for you. You say you want it, so put your money where your mouth is and get it!


Feel Good Friday – Be Happy!

be happyhey! It’s Friday! That’s one of MANY reasons to BE. HAPPY!

Sometimes it feels like there are no reasons to be happy – I think we all fall victim to this once in a while. But there are plenty, PLENTY of reasons to be happy, I promise!

I challenge you to take a piece of paper, and write down 5 reasons to be happy. And then read them out loud. If you wish, tape the paper where you can see it and remind yourself when you are wallowing in pity.

Infinite number of reasons to be happy… what are YOURS?