Motivation Monday – Study Successful People

In my business, I am surrounded by people who have achieved various levels of success within Beachbody, and it’s radical. The stories they tell of overcoming so many hardships to achieve this success bolsters my belief that despite my OWN hardships (plentiful!), especially lately, I can still achieve the success I want to.

It’s hard to believe that sometimes, honestly. A hit or two won’t usually derail me, but in full disclosure, when they keep coming as rapidly as they have lately, even I start to doubt myself. But that’s part of the problem!

I need to stop focusing on what’s gone wrong lately and get back to appreciating what’s gone right, and keep focusing on my journey. I let myself get distracted by other stuff, and other people, and for an empath who absorbs all of the feelings, that’s bad, and it took a toll on my esteem, confidence, morale… everything!

Study successful people

So for right now (and maybe permanently, hopefully) I am focusing less on those who don’t add much, or anything to my life, and going back to eagerly studying those who are making it work, until I get it into my head that I, too, can make this work, despite any obstacles.

If you are also feeling like you are forgetting the bigger picture, dial it back in, and get back to focusing on those goals you want to crush and dreams you want to achieve. It’s never too late to course correct!

Tip Tuesday – Say NO

How often do you say no? We as society LOAD our plates down, thus creating a task list we can’t unearth from; one we can’t ever truly finish. To keep today’s tip simple, just say NO.

Sometimes we have to say NO to something so we can say YES to something else. No matter how fast or how productive you work, you still get the same amount of time as anyone else. so you have to make it count. By saying NO to something that doesn’t suit your needs or desires, you open up the ability to say YES to something that does.

NO Repeated

Say NO today. Buck the system. Take something off your to-do list, and add ‘take a nap”. Or do something that you want to do.

It’s okay to say no. Respecting yourself enough to recognize if something doesn’t align with your goals is powerful, and more of us should do it. Knowing your worth, the value of your time and how it’s best used are priceless.

It’s okay to say NO. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Feel Good Friday – Dark Chocolate

A “holiday” such as Valentine’s Day is really challenging as a Diabetic. The sweets, especially the chocolate ones, are in abundance, and since its on the tail end of Winter, it’s really easy to want to reach for decadent chocolate!

dark chocolate

I know a lot of people out there are thinking “Diabetics shouldn’t eat chocolate” and I mean, no, we shouldn’t eat it on a daily or even regular basis. But provided we use common sense and portion control, we can totally have some chocolate on a special occasion!

The best chocolate for Diabetics is dark chocolate.  Because of the low sugar content, dark chocolate doesn’t spike blood sugar the way other sweets and candies do, making it acceptable as an occasional sweet for the Diabetic. A square or two will satisfy your craving without derailing your Diabetes management. Look for bars that contain 70 percent cocoa or more. Accept that it’s gonna have fat and it’s gonna have sugars; after all, it IS chocolate. This is why you need to make it count!



Motivation Monday – M.O.N.D.A.Y.

This girl loves her an acronym! 🙂

MONDAY Acronym

Plus, the message is spot on! I love mornings because it brings a new day, and how the morning goes can set the tone for the rest of the day (sometimes!). A new day is a gift, and so it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, last week, or last month. What matters is what you do today!

Monday’s aren’t so bad, if you make them count 🙂

Workout Wednesday – Upper Body Shapers

With the holidays, sometimes even a 30 minute workout is hard to come by – there is just so much to get done! Or you are traveling, don’t have your Beachbody On Demand, or workout equipment, or space… I know, it’s tough. But you can still get a workout in!

Once again, the premise is that any physical activity is better than nothing – because it is! This one can be done in under 10 minutes, but keep in mind that form is everything!

Targets: Abs, obliques, back, shoulders, and arms, plus your hamstrings.

Turn up the Burn: At the end of each rep, add a leg lift.

10 minute upper body

  1. Plank Twist – From full pushup, lift right arm straight up, twisting torso to open to side but keeping feet in place. Look up to your hand, and hold for 2 counts. Return to starting position, and switch arms, and repeat to complete 1 rep. Do 8 reps.
  2. Double Cross – From full pushup, place feet wide to start. Lift right leg, cross it over left leg, and tap right toes on floor. Return to starting position, lift left leg, cross it over right leg, and tap left toes. Return to start to complete 1 rep. Do 8 reps.
  3.  X Reach – From full pushup, lift left arm diagonally out to left at shoulder height. Hold for 2 counts; lower. Lift right leg diagonally out  to right at hip height. Hold for 2 counts; lower. Repeat with right arm, then left leg to complete each rep. Do 8 reps.


Wednesday Wisdom – Breast Cancer Risk

Did you know…

A study of 32,269 women revealed that about an hour of daily vigirous activity (including housework!) decreases your breast cancer risk by roughly 20 percent?

For me, this is all the more reason to continue on my fitness journey, by exercising consistently. 20% is a decent percentage, and I am of the mind that really, ANYTHING that helps decrease your risk for such an awful thing is beneficial. There is no help too small!

breast cancer risk

Selfie Saturday

Displaying IMG_5047.JPG

I turned 33 the other day. I am bound and determined to make my 33rd year awesome!

I started off with P90 Sweat A and P90 Ab Ripper A – after all, I couldn’t start my 33rd without a crazy workout, could I?! Felt good to sweat, and kick off my 33rd year with a bang!

This is a big year for me – this is both the birth year I get married, and the year my businesses (yes, plural – I definitely keep busy!) will take off – I am sure of it, because once I am done with all this wedding stuff, my time will open up a bit, and I fully intend to focus on building an amazing life for my husband and I, and having a cushion to fall back on! We are still pretty young and have plenty of years ahead of us, but I want these systems in place now so that when we have children, we have them established to fall back on when things get a little crazy!

We are also saving for a home – not our dream home (yet!), but a starter home to call our own, be able to modify, have a garden, etc. It’s challenging but will be so worth it!

This is the first year in a long time I actually feel motivated and encouraged – its nice to get feedback and to feel like people trust and value what I have to say. I never really had that (or I might have but was unaware of it!)

Overall, I am excited for an AMAZING year. It wont happen on its own, but I am quite okay with working hard to make it awesome. Life is short – make your life awesome!

Memorial Day Weekend…

This weekend is a little more somber for us – we are burying a decorated military veteran (my fiance’s grandfather) and it’s a very trying time for him and his family. We are thankful for all the love and support, and today and every other day, we are thankful for our veterans and active duty military, and their families.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and I hope you it finds you in good health, good spirits, and good company.

In loving memory of Peter Peligian, beloved Army veteran.