Sunday Well Spent – Food Prep

It doesn’t matter if it’s a “holiday weekend” – we still have to setup for success, because we still have to fuel ourselves and make good choices.

My nutrition is ESPECIALLY important during this time as I grow this little baby – he or she needs nutrients and nourishment too!

I also made banana bread, and washed and cut strawberries and pineapple – yummy stuff thats ready to grab!

So take a little time today (or tomorrow!), and set yourself up for successful choices.

Because… shhh, come closer… you ARE worth good choices, and you ARE NOT too busy to take time for yourself 💕


Tip Tuesday – Be Smart

The Susan G Komen Foundation has provided tips to help you take the important steps towards a healthier lifestyle, which can do wonders to lift your spirit, keep your weight in check, and help you live a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Move and Groove – If there is one thing cancer hates, its an energetic, active lifestyle. The key to getting fit is doing something that you love – and doing it long enough to reap the all-important health benefits. Walking is something we all do every day anyways, so why not make it count? A mere 30-minute stroll at a brisk pace is a totally drama-free way to get fit. Bonus? Exercise lowers estrogen levels, fights obesity, lowers insulin levels, and boosts the immune system.
  • Live to Eat Well – A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains is the ideal way to nourish your body. Be sure you have your nutritional bases covered by taking a multivitamin containing folate and staying on top of your calcium intake. Get your daily 1,000 mg by throwing in a little low-fat yogurt, milk, kale, spinach, or a calcium tablet. (Me, I get all my bases covered in my daily Shakeology – super easy!)
  • Steady On – Maintaining your ideal weight isn’t just for looking good in your skinny jeans. Keeping the number on the scale in the healthy range can mean a decreased risk of breast cancer after menopause.
  • Keep the Inner Peace – Diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to keep your body and mind in top form. Take special care of your emotional health by maintaining close relationships with family and friends as well as engaging in the activities you cherish. Reading a book on a Sunday afternoon or catching a movie with a friend are effortless ways to carve out some stress-free “me” time.
  • Don’t Wine (too often!) – While research shows that drinking a glass of wine every day lowers the risk of heart disease, it can actually boost your risk for breast cancer. Keeping your alcohol intake to less than one drink per day may help stave off this risk.
  • Get in the Driver’s Seat – Don’t make the mistake of riding shotgun when it comes to fighting health issues. Take control of your wellbeing by making sound diet and exercise choices, annual checkups and regular screenings.

You can do this – just be smart! 🙂