Thirsty Thursday – Clinically Proven

There are a lot of claims out there, but, are they proven? One of many reasons I align with Beachbody is because they are adamant about testing, retesting, researching, and making sure their claims are backed up by credible sources…  They cut no corners on that and personally, that carries a lot of merit with me! I do not have the labs or resources to do that, so knowing the legit and thorough job they do puts my mind at ease, and is one of many reasons I am confident in consuming their products!

I am far from perfect in what I consume and put in (and on) my body, but I have been making it a practice to be more mindful about all of that.

And as someone fighting to get their Diabetes back under control after some rough patches, knowing it has helped me gain control BEFORE, helps me feel confident I am able to do just that again. It is far from THE ONLY tool that will get me back into controlled range. but it IS one of the valuable ones.

What some people simply see as a SHAKE, I see as a crucial piece to my puzzle.

Wellness Wednesday – Clinically Proven

I am often asked why I drink Shakeology, and while the full answer is lengthy, one of my favorite aspects of it includes that it is low glycemic and CLINICALLY proven to help lower your blood sugar levels – this is something that is on my mind all day, every day!

Elevated blood sugars aren’t good for anyone, not just Diabetics. Keeping them stable is ideal!

Superfood Saturday – Spirulina

Today’s superfood is found in my beloved Shakeology!

Spirulina is really gaining traction in the health community, because its loaded with benefits and sustainable. It’s a safe detox, energy booster, and can also help lower your blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

Providing carotenoids, and antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage, Spirulina also contains essential amino acids.


Food Swap Friday – Avocado instead of Mayonnaise

I love a creamy spread on a sandwich as much as anyone out there. I don’t particularly enjoy the dry bread aspect, but I alternately do not enjoy getting so much fat, calories, and carbs from just a small amount of a spread!

Avocado to the rescue! I love avocado! It never really occurred to me to use it in place of fattening spreads, but its a great swap!

Avocado - Nature's Mayonnaise

Instead of mayo loaded with egg and oil, spread a quarter of a ripe avocado on your bread. You’ll get plenty of flavor and extra fiber!

Avocados are also a great source of mono-unsaturated fats, and they lower cholesterol levels, making them a much healthier choice.