Thursday Thoughts – Live and Let Live

I don’t get why people just can’t live and let live – I like to think I am a powerful lady but even I know I couldn’t get everyone to see things my way – even bacon has detractors! 🙂

Live and let live people, we all benefit from such a concept. Promise!

Self Love Saturday – You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Things have been a little crazy lately, and I have felt pulled in too many directions, sometimes eager to please everyone else, forgetting this is MY life, and that before I worry about anyone else, I have to take care of me!

I sometimes forget to enjoy it all – even the messes (which it all is, right now, haha). Trying to enjoy it all, after all, each chapter, good or bad, is a big part of my story!

If you find yourself feeling the pull to be perfect… stop. Embrace the imperfections and the mess. You are better for it, for them!