Monday Musings – Martin Luther King, Jr

Never miss a Monday…

But I’m gonna, and you know why?!

Because Mondays workout was already done, on Sunday!

Sara needed to do her Monday workout a day early because she had an overnight planned, so I was like well, we have a “night game” and those typically keep me up later than usual (and as is the case last night, is a LOT of adrenaline to come down from!) so rather than staying up late and then sluggishly working my way through an early workout, why not just get it done?!

So that’s what we did, and my sleepy ass is thanking me for it today, because I was still wired for a while after that wild game!

And as a reminder, today and every day, just LOVE and be the LIGHT!

Tasty Tuesday – Spicy Shredded Carrot Salad

This is so good… so refreshing on a hot summer day, light but filling… if you are anything like me, you want nothing to do with most foods on really hot days, but of course, as a Diabetic, I can’t really skip meals unless I want to deal with the low blood sugars guaranteed to follow.

This is a good compromise! Very simple, very clean, and if you refrigerate it before eating, totally cools you off!

Spicy Shredded Carrot Salad

Does this sound like something you would enjoy?

Motivation Monday – Light a Candle

My upline/mentor is always talking about focusing on what you HAVE instead of what you don’t have – you know, Law of Attraction and all of that. By focusing on what we don’t have, we are making that bigger. By focusing on what you DO have, you strengthen THAT.

It’s taken some practice but I am getting better at this. I also like this way of looking at it, because it’s true!

light a candle don't curse the darkness

Right? Perspective is a powerful thing and I am grateful to my upline/mentors for helping to expand mine!

Simple Saturday – Live Training

I have a live training with my team today, and I am excited! Last time we all gathered in person was awesome, and bolstered my belief that I am on the right path! I was in a bad mood, negative, and didn’t want to bring anyone down, so I questioned whether I should go. Little did I know, it was going that was going to not only lift me out of my bad mood, but clear away a LOT of the fog, too!

I fully believe in surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people who see bright futures ahead. I am lucky enough to not only have a close circle of childhood friends who do this, but I also have my Beachbody friends, who have become family!

conscious effort

Life is challenging, and when you have a tribe of people who will help pull you out of any funks, encourage and empower you, inspire and motivate you, and cheer and celebrate you… well, frankly, you are very blessed, and I consider myself extremely blessed to be on this amazing journey with these amazing people.

I foresee a lot of love, light, laughs, and yes, learning today. And I couldn’t be happier about it!

It really is the simplest things in life that bring the most joy 🙂