Truthbomb Tuesday – My Reaction Is My Path

•The way you treat me is your path. The way I react is mine•

This has been one of the hardest, but also most worthwhile lessons to learn.

Realizing that people can (and sometimes do) whatever they want, feelings and consequences be damned, is a tough pill to swallow…

But there is power in remembering that while we can’t control the ACTIONS of others, we can control our REACTIONS.

Wednesday Wisdom – Take Risks

Are you a risk taker?

Take risks - happy or wise.

I get it – taking risks can be scary. But I  feel like, no matter which way the coin drops – you get something positive out of it. You either succeed, or you fail, and you learn that a particular way doesn’t work, and you develop the resolve to try again.

It’s a win/win, for me. How about you?

Motivation Monday – Its The Journey, Not The Destination



Its the journey not the destination


So incredibly true.

Life is challenging. Life can be difficult. And my journey is not the same as your journey – because my journey is my journey and your journey is your journey. Some people feel the destination is the answer; the solution. It’s not. All of the important lessons are found along the way, on the journey. Have a little faith that these lessons are serving a purpose.