Work For It Wednesdaaaaaay

When your reward to yourself for successfully finishing phase 1 is not brownies, cupcakes, or ice cream, but rather, new leggings, a new sports bra, a 15lb Kettlebell, and heavier weights so you can kick even MORE ass, you might be OBSESSED 😉

I’m not knocking those who choose/chose an edible reward, this is just how I personally prefer to reward my hard work and dedication to myself!

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Mindset Monday – I Can Do Hard Things

So today’s workout was a doozy – there weren’t any moves I couldn’t handle, but the pace had me all thrown off. I honestly did feel myself getting frustrated but I stopped myself, took a second to BREATHE, reminded myself I can do hard things, and kept going.

It wasn’t • pretty •, but oftentimes, workouts aren’t, and I was a HOT. MESS. (let’s be fuckin’ honest here, if you still look perfect after a workout, you didn’t work hard enough!)

What matters is it’s {{d o n e!}}