Deep Thoughts – Be Kind

Deep thoughts from the coffee shop today 💕

We never know what anyone’s going through, so why not be kind and lift them up? Think how you would want someone to treat YOU while YOU were at a low point, and act accordingly.

And yes, it is that easy. Kindness is easy, free, and infinite.

Tip Tuesday – Let It R.A.I.N.

I was chatting with a friend recently, and we were keepin’ it real (what, don’t judge – life is challenging sometimes, and being able to discuss things in a productive manner can be helpful!), and talking about feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Both of these feelings can happen to anyone, and are valid feelings.

What’s important, is not to let them rule you. Some people prefer to sweep these things under the rug (I’m not trying to judge you, but in my experience, they tend to creep their way out eventually…), whereas I have been trying to let myself feel, and let myself heal.

This handy acronym is neat – and a nice reminder that like rainstorms, whatever emotions are crippling you will pass.

Feel Good Friday – Look For The Helpers

I am no stranger to how rough the world is lately. I am painfully aware. I can’t stand it, and I won’t ignore it. This quote from Fred Rogers has always been a bright spot for me, because he is right – most people’s first instincts are to help others when chaos ensues.


The media doesn’t often show these kind, helpful deeds (the media is 99% of the damn problem, if you ask ME), but they exist. We need to magnify these, to make more of these moments, and focus less on cutting each other down and all of that nonsense.

And should you find yourself not finding any helpers – BE the helper. Start the chain of being kind, compassionate, empathetic beings.

You have in you an innate power to help someone through a rough time. You never know who’s life you can change just by being there, being an ear, a shoulder, a source of light to illuminate the darkness…

Look for the helpers, and join them. Or start your own helpers crusade – others will join!

Be the light.