Work for it Wednesday – Keep Going

Yes, you see me show up.
You see me work for it.
If you pay attention, you also see me struggle. I’m transparent, I own my struggles, as they are part of my story and what gives me strength.

What you don’t see is the water breaks, the catch-my-breath breaks, the incredulous “you want me to do WHAT, Shaun?!” looks…

Yes, sometimes these add up to minutes… but 15 minutes of movement is better than 0 minutes.

So do what you gotta do. Take your breaks. Catch your breath. It’s all part of it…

But keep going. Pausing is NOT the same as stopping.

Tough Love Time – Give up on giving up

Tough love time:
If you are tired of starting over, STOP GIVING UP.
The start is the hardest part, so if you are constantly stopping and needing to start over, of course you will feel defeated and burnt out.
Do yourself a favor and stop giving up – keep going through the challenges. You can do that because you can do hard things!
Give up on giving up and stop starting over 💕

Motivation Monday – Courage

There is COURAGE in the simple truth that you are pushing through.

And you are, right? We all have obstacles. We all have to make tough decisions, tap into our inner strength and determination, and fail our way through challenges, setbacks, obstacles and fears.

But every step you take in the forward direction puts you one step closer.

Every challenge you rise to, every obstacle you scale, every bout of fear you claw through… you are CLOSER.

And so all you need to do is keep doing JUST THAT. Keep going, one step at a time, and you will get there!

Have the courage to KEEP GOING!

Just like the champion Red Sox did! 😉

(Oh, and go Patriots! 💕🏈)



Friday Fitness – When In Doubt, Sweat It Out

I’m just struggling a little today, so much going on… in full disclosure I almost bailed on my workout at least a dozen times, but truthfully that wouldn’t help (would actually probably make my mindset WORSE), so every time my dog (she hasn’t been feeling well) made a cameo I’d pause and snuggle her and then get back to it when she meandered away.

It pains me that she’s not feeling well and I don’t do the whole “helpless” thing well… but it felt good to sweat, to stay on track, to get my second to last workout of this program DONE.

When in doubt, sweat it out!

I doubt myself.

IMG_8966I tend to doubt myself sometimes.

And when I say doubt myself, I don’t mean a little doubt here, a little doubt there… much like everything else, when I doubt, I doubt HARD… I go ALL IN on the doubt. There’s no half-assing things for this girl, which is both a blessing and a curse, if I am being honest.

So when I DOUBT myself… goodness, DO. I. DOUBT. MYSELF. To the nth power.


Every day I fight the battle to keep limiting beliefs and self doubt at bay.

But here is my promise to myself – I WILL fight this battle. I WILL fall, and rise again. Every single time I doubt myself, I will remember what I have overcome, and I will keep going.

Flex Friday – How Far I Have Come

Many people don’t know that just a few short years ago, my back, neck and shoulders were in a constant state of pain – the pain levels varied, but were always there.

This was the result of my body going through multiple traumatic car incidents in 8 months time.

Carrying a purse hurt. Taking steps hurt, and sometimes actually triggered spasms. It always hurt. And that was the exact excuse I used when I was offered to join a challenge group – “ummmm walking and existing hurts, you want me to do actual physically demanding stuff?” – that was my frame of mind. “YIKES!”

But for whatever reason I did join. I modified HEAVILY but I showed up, consistently. Started to get a little stronger. Started to strengthen my core, which greatly relieved the pain issues. So I kept going.

Today, I am pain free – certain things do sometimes trigger it (being outside in very cold temps for long periods of time, sitting or laying on hard surfaces, etc) but my quality of life is MUCH better now, and I am so thankful.

And that’s why I take these “silly flex” pics. To show how far I have come. To have something to compare to as I go further. A visual reminder that consistent effort pays off, and we are never stuck in a cycle of pain.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen! Keep going!

Wednesday Wisdom – Doubt

Like every other human being on this planet, I have bouts of doubt.

It’s normal, despite what anyone tells you!

 What’s MOST important here is that you don’t let it PARALYZE you. You can’t let it overpower your drive and determination.

If you feed into it, it grows legs.

I can’t imagine where I’d be if I let my DOUBTS hold me back!

Acknowledge it, remind yourself you are capable, and then keep going, moving past it.

Doubt doesn’t last. Determination DOES.