Thursday Thoughts – Take ACTION

Your dreams and desires should never die – ever.

Regardless of your age.
Regardless of your past.
Regardless of your current circumstances.

There is still time…

There ALWAYS is. As long as you’re here, there’s still time!

So stop thinking about it and start action towards it!

Sunday Well Spent – Food Prep

Food prep only has to be this huge production if you want it to be.

If you are like me and don’t like huge productions, or eating food that was prepared too many days ago, tackling just a few things will still set you up for success!

Since my husband usually handles dinner, which becomes lunches, I really only need to focus on the food I start my day with (because when I start it with the right foods, the rest of the day flows… when I don’t, my sugars are all over the place and as a result, my mood is too 😉)

This morning I focused on my fruits, steel cut oats with pomegranates or blueberries, and hard boiled eggs. When you pair that with bananas and other stuff that’s already good to go, you are golden.

And don’t tell me you don’t have an hour – you do 😉

Motivation Monday – Energy and Persistence

Happy Monday! First Monday of the Autumn Equinox! Are you a fan? I LOVE IT. I think I am biased because of where I live, but it is amazing here — goes by way too quick!

With the Autumn comes cooler temps, and while I like cooler temps, they lend themselves quickly to cold temps. I like chilly, crisp… not so much cold.

So it can be harder to motivate yourself to move, to eat clean when you just want to dive into hearty comfort foods, and to keep yourself light and bright with the reduced daylight hours.

But you know what? Do it anyways. You can, you know you should… find it within you to shove any and all excuses to the side and DO IT.

You have everything you need – add some energy and some persistence, and you are golden! Go forth and conquer!

What area do you live in? Do you like Autumn?




Motivation Monday – Staying Motivated

Most asked question EVER: How do you stay motivated?

Real talk here: there comes a point in your life where you just DO IT. The #1 reason that someone decides to not become a coach is because they believe they need to LOVE fitness or be GOOD at fitness. Nope!
Being a coach holds me accountable and also gives me new and exciting programs to always try! Perfect? I don’t even bother to try and be perfect. My online accountability groups keep my ass in line and I press play even when I don’t want to!
Keeping healthy, and preserving all the hard work I have put in keeps me motivated to keep going… It is almost never easy, and sprawling out on the couch is significantly easier, but I know I can’t do that – I have to find it within to keep going, keep working towards staying healthy, happy, and vibrant.
What keeps you motivated, do you have any tricks?
How do YOU stay motivated.