Why do people spend so much time judging others? DO YOUR THING.

If you thought this was my new fave shirt… you’d be right!

Some people have enough time on their hands that they have to query why I do what I do with MY time, such as “why do you post what you wear everyday”, which landed in my insta messages today.

Short answer: because I can! 😉
Longer variant: because I can, and I’d like to think that since they motivate ME, maybe there’s someone else out there they motivate, and even if it’s just one person, that’s enough for me; I’m a helper and that’s what I like to do.

I can’t help everyone and I’ve never made claims to be able to… if only!

But today’s shirt brings a giggle and some Christmas cheer to myself, someone who’s found it hard to get into the holiday spirit in recent years.

What’s the harm? The answer is none!


Truthbomb Tuesday – I can eat anything…

I realize that people who aren’t diabetic, or don’t have a loved one who is have a limited scope/understanding of the disease. This is encompassed when someone asks me “should you be eating that as a Diabetic”? In my opinion (as in, for me personally) the answer is yes…

Because much of my lifestyle is in line with being healthy, I don’t feel guilty when I splurge on a treat. Do I keep it reasonable? Of course. But I don’t outright deny myself anything. My personality type is, when I get a craving or a desire in my head, it builds and builds unless I satisfy it. I find outright denying myself to usually have disastrous results. So I indulge, sensibly.

I try to be patient with people who don’t understand “the Diabetes” but I also feel its kind of rude to ask point blank “should you be eating that”, the same way its rude to ask someone overweight if they should be eating that cookie. Should they be? Perhaps not… But like I said, I feel like because most of my choices are in line with a healthy lifestyle, I don’t feel that treat should be forbidden.

I don’t make it a daily habit, of course. NO ONE, Diabetic or not, needs to be overindulging in sweets every day. But for me, denying myself is not the answer, either.

Balance. Moderation. Sensibility. These are the answers for me 🙂

truthbomb tuesday