Thursday Thoughts – Additional Income

As we have entered the 4th quarter of the year, the one that is ripe with holidays and additional expenses, I invite you to ask yourself if YOU could use additional income to offset the additional expenses?

That’s one of the many perks of doing something that I LOVE – I get PAID to do it, which in addition to paying off debt, gives me EXTRA money for the holidays, so I can do more good and make more people’s holiday’s C O U N T.

It’s a blessing that I can be EARNING this INCOME without having to work INSANE hours at retail (I do NOT miss that at all – I did it for TOO MANY years!)

Giving back really is the best thing to receive!


Truthbomb Tuesday – Avoiding

In an ideal world, we would only have to deal with joy, and no pain. But the pain serves a purpose, and we can’t shut it out or avoid it.

The good news? The pain doesn’t last. Let yourself feel it, and then let yourself move on, by letting it go.

Don’t avoid joy by avoiding pain.

Thursday Thoughts – Entrepreneurs

Everybody has something that brings them joy, that fuels them. Something they feel passionately about, and so doing anything related to it doesn’t at all feel like work.

Entrepreneurs are simply people who have discovered what their passion is and have said “I need to keep doing this. I need to pursue this. It doesn’t matter if I make a red cent doing so, this is what makes my heart tick, my soul shine, my spirit smile”.
These are some of the people I change lives with, and I couldn’t love or appreciate them more!

Merry Christmas!

Dear readers, merry merry Christmas!

I hope your day is wonderful, blessed, full of love and celebration with your family and friends, and also a day when you take a second to realize how lucky we are!

The grind is over, we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor (and Santa’s!), and enjoy spending time with our loved ones.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!


Feel Good Friday – Stay Motivated Over The Holidays

Whew, kind of a tall order, no? Actually… not really.

As adults, the holidays are stressful, I agree. But I think sometimes if we get back to the wonderment of being a child during the holidays, we might find that it’s an easier go of it.

I mean think of it… kids light up when they see the lights (pun intended), they are so excited about Santa and the Reindeer and the Elves… those wrapped presents are so exciting and SO AREN’T all of the bows and ornaments on the tree…

I for one completely miss the innocence of being a child. So I am trying to bring some of that back into my life (while still being one of those full-time working, responsible adults….)

Stay Motivated over the Holidays

If we let our expectations go, things might be a little more jolly. Enjoy the season’s offerings, just don’t go too overboard, lest you feel gross after. Let the little miracles of the season fill your heart. Share the wonderment with someone else who may need it. All of these little things can help us stay on track during undoubtedly one of the toughest times of the year.

Do you have any others to add?