Water Wednesday – Be Proactive!

Be proactive!

Do you know how much easier life can be when you get into the healthier habits that help you be your best self?

Like, for example, I’ve been a great hydrater for about 10 years now, which is of course a habit that will greatly help my pregnancy.

No, I did not always drink as much water as I do now, and to be honest, I didn’t always love plain water. But I started, and I built up to where I needed to be.

I let myself FEEL how staying hydrated was helping me in so many ways.

So now, in my pregnancy, where my water intake is crucial because it not only helps ME but my growing baby, it is much easier to be able to reach the target amount.

Being proactive in a calm manner is a lot easier than feeling the need to react in a panicky manner!

Diabadass Life

I cried today.

Happy, relieved, grateful, prideful tears.

My diabetic specialist came in during my appointment and was remarking at how perfect my numbers have been the last few weeks. She said she’s never really seen such steady, controlled numbers from a type 1, and she loves the variety of the nutritious foods I consume.

I don’t get much positive feedback regarding my diabetes whatsoever… not because my regular doctor is negative or anything, but because unfortunately, his praise was always followed by a ‘but…’ because my numbers have NEVER reflected my efforts, ever.

So he would encourage me, and when he’d listen to my eating and lifestyle habits he would always say I’m doing everything right… but again, my numbers never reflected that, which is honestly one of the more frustrating things I’ve experienced; this continuous, years-long hampster wheel loop of hard work but getting nowhere.

So today, to get such good news, kind words and sweet praise without a ‘but’, it went right to my heart, it sung to my feelings… it felt SO good.

It was a VERY welcome boost, a feeling I’ve been chasing for some time now… not so much the praise, but more so the feeling of my Diabetes being controlled… that is a feeling that has eluded me for so many years… TOO MANY years.

So today, I cried. I fought them, but they slipped out. And my gratitude actually caused her to get misty eyed, too.

And I know, as she said, there will be elevated numbers with no rhyme or reason; no explanation, nothing I did or didn’t do… that’s just the relationship between diabetes and pregnancy hormones.

But now I know how to “fix” that; now I feel capable and {{sorta}} in control – it’s been forever since I felt that way! 💕

Financial Freedom Friday – Entrepreneurship

I remember TOO WELL the soul-crushing feeling of having to pay my BILLS with CREDIT CARDS, the same credit cards I had been working my ASS OFF to pay down.

And I remember the actual anger I had over the fact I had to do that despite no wrongdoing on my part, anger over the fact that I wasn’t getting the paychecks I EARNED for hours I actually WORKED.

And every day, I let those feelings fuel me. Every day, when I am tempted to make a silly financial decision, I think to how it felt to have no savings; to be wholly unprepared for fiasco’s such as the one I found myself in. Every day, when I am asking myself if entrepreneurship is for me, I remind myself that it’s what propels me towards financial freedom, so YES, it’s worth every frustration, every late night, every rejection.

It’s not easy, but worthwhile things never are. And financial freedom is DEFINITELY worth the hard work I put in, and if I ever question that, all I need to do is think back to how someone else’s mistake affected MY financial landscape.

Monday Musings – Coach Life

I really love coaching because in a world full of things I can’t control and don’t enjoy, Coaching allows me to control several facets of my life, fuel my feel good tank by helping others feel good, and I ENJOY helping people, I ENJOY keeping myself accountable, I ENJOY my groups, teambuilding, biz powwows, and team calls!

Oh, and making some extra cash to pay off debt and do more good in the world with? YEAH, I enjoy that! Just being honest!

When you find something you enjoy doing, it doesn’t feel like work. And feeling like you are in control of some things? THAT is a pretty awesome feeling.

Ever given some consideration to seeing if this opportunity is for you?  Because there is no obligation —  no contracts,  nothing like that. Like it? Run with it. Don’t feel it’s for you? No hard feelings and you will never have to wonder.


Thursday Thoughts – YOU

All change starts with YOU. All achievement comes from YOU.
The decision to start, it’s made by Y O U.
YOU are the only one who can take control of your health and your life.
I can help you. I can motivate you. I can hold you accountable. I can share some tips and tricks to make it more manageable, and I can cheer you on.
I can’t do it FOR you. I can do it WITH you.
All change starts with YOU.
If YOU are ready to do that, let’s talk!

Wednesday Wisdom – Intelligence and Emotions

no matter the situation

Oh boy… this one speaks to me, very clearly. You see, I know how smart I am, and I know that in a calm state of mind, I can handle anything thrown at me. But often, in the throes of emotions, I forget this. And I react. I react based on emotions.

And it always seems worse than it is. Because it’s not actually as bad as it seems. But this is detrimental to anyone’s health, much less someone with Diabetes. It takes a lot of self control, but I am getting better with this.

Reacting out of emotion is a recipe for disaster. So, no matter the situation, never let those emotions overpower your intelligence!

Motivation Monday – I will NOT…

BOOM! I LOVE this. I see it all the time, especially in a Diabetic circle – life is hard and it is easier to give up and give in than it is to dig in your heels and persevere… but doing so is SO incredibly worth it! Challenges are put forth to see if you really want something as bad as you think you do…. the answer? Well only you know if you want it as bad as you say… but if you DO want it, you will find a way to do it.

You will make mistakes, have moments of weakness…. this is normal. It’s part of your journey. Recognize your mistakes. Acknowledge them. And then leave them in the past!

This is NOT how your journey ends 🙂

Feel Good Friday

Feeling pretty good… getting back on track health and fitness-wise, my nutrition is stabilizing, I am getting things accomplished with wedding stuff, continuing to learn ASL, and we’re truckin’ along…. happy to have the weekend (though its a busy one) here, and I am looking forward to continuing to check things off of my many to-do lists.

How are you? Are you doing anything fun this weekend?