Financial Freedom Friday – Entrepreneurship

I remember TOO WELL the soul-crushing feeling of having to pay my BILLS with CREDIT CARDS, the same credit cards I had been working my ASS OFF to pay down.

And I remember the actual anger I had over the fact I had to do that despite no wrongdoing on my part, anger over the fact that I wasn’t getting the paychecks I EARNED for hours I actually WORKED.

And every day, I let those feelings fuel me. Every day, when I am tempted to make a silly financial decision, I think to how it felt to have no savings; to be wholly unprepared for fiasco’s such as the one I found myself in. Every day, when I am asking myself if entrepreneurship is for me, I remind myself that it’s what propels me towards financial freedom, so YES, it’s worth every frustration, every late night, every rejection.

It’s not easy, but worthwhile things never are. And financial freedom is DEFINITELY worth the hard work I put in, and if I ever question that, all I need to do is think back to how someone else’s mistake affected MY financial landscape.

Motivation Monday – Run The Day

I find that when I don’t start my day/week with a to-do list, I am all over the place. I have a great memory, but there is always so many things pulling my focus that I can’t always remmeber things WHEN I need to remember them.

So I find I work best when I start with a list of things I need to accomplish, and run the day. Because if I don’t, the day runs ME, and I didn’t sign up for that — I’m the boss here! 🙂

Do you have any tips or tricks that keep the day from getting away from you? Let’s hear them!