Move It Monday – Memorial Day

There may be some people out there all “today’s a holiday, no need to workout”, whereas MY mindset is today may be a holiday BUT it’s a holiday HONORING those who can no longer get their sweat on; a day honoring the very people who fought so that I COULD!

A great way to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice is to get your sweat on in their memory and honor YOURSELF by moving your {{capable}} body.

A heartfelt thank you to all our brave servicemen/women 💕🇺🇸

Go sweat!

Tip Tuesday – Boundaries


I used to be a huge offender of going beyond boundaries, and heaping my ish on other people. And I also used to be the one who let others heap their ish on ME.

Stop allowing people to be disrespectful, draining, or demanding of your time. Take responsibility for your time and how you are treated.

Create boundaries and enforce them!

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, guys. I grew up the daughter of a military man – Air Force and then National Guards, and my dad, among all our others military service members, are my inspiration and my heroes. I know this day is “unofficially” the start of summer, but please take a moment to really reflect and respect the sacrifices that were made, are made, and will continue to be made.

As always, with great respect and honor, Happy Memorial Day 🙂

– one extremely grateful, thankful American citizen