Motivation Monday – Be Your Own Hero!

Be your own dang hero – don’t show up because you feel you have to… show up because you know you are worth that!

Doing what YOU know is best, what YOU are capable of, what YOU are empowered and inspired enough to do? {{ H E R O I C }}

Go be the hero you are capable of being!



Motivation Monday – You Are Pouring The Water

As hard it is sometimes to stay positive (and I agree, sometimes it is EXTREMELY hard), its better to take whatever circumstances are thrown your way, embrace them, and move forward. It strengthens you. It shapes your character. It’s tough, but the best thing you can do is pull up your boot straps, make the best of it, and overcome.

You are the one pouring the water

So tell me… how much water will you pour? Is your glass half full, or half empty?