Thursday Thoughts – Needing help

“ASKING for HELP is SO MUCH STRONGER than STRUGGLING on your OWN” – words spoken during one of my sister team’s Team calls, and they hit me LIKE. A. BRICK.

When did we start associating needing help with being weak, or less than, or anything other than brave and courageous? And why?!

There is NOTHING weak about needing, and asking for help. Weak is being so stubborn you won’t ask for the help you need, deserve, and are WORTHY of. Weak is brushing troubles under the rug, only for them to creep out later instead of dealing with them head on. Weak is dismissing your pain – whatever format it comes in – and “soldiering on”.

You are better than your demons. If you need help, ASK for it. It’s the strongest thing you can do! Life is tough – we could ALL use a helping hand at one time or another.

Thankful Thursday – This Guy

I don’t give this guy enough credit (or thanks!). I try to always be grateful and thankful, because I AM, but he really does a lot of behind the scenes work to take the pressure off of me. He cooks dinner most nights, helps around the house, takes the dog out usually 2 out of 3 times a day, he works his tush off at work, he is always the first to scrape my car off after a snowstorm, brings home coffees for me sometimes so it is one thing less that I have to do in the morning, listens to my visions, my goals, my fears, my frustrations… he is my soundboard, but he helps me focus on the big picture!

I am thankful for this dude for all of the above (and thats really just a small sampling of what this guy does!), but one of the things I am MOST grateful for is this guy knows how to make me laugh, even when I am really upset or mad (yes, sometimes that happens…), he just always knows how to break that up with laughter and humor, and if you know me, you know how big I am on that, so I am always grateful when he seamlessly breaks a mood with humor!

They say you should marry someone who makes you laugh, and I could NOT agree more. Love you babe!


Try It Tuesday – Volunteer

Did you know that volunteering is one of the best things you can do? It lifts your mood, puts things into perspective, lifts the spirits of those you help (elderly, the dogs at the shelter, etc), fosters a community feeling, and so many other things?

I know what you are thinking — we are all so busy, where do we find the time to volunteer? And I am guilty too – I don’t give back to the community enough. I have been hyper focused on building my business to give myself a little breathing room and financial relief, but I have also wanted to do more for the community, and so I think it’s time to find the balance and allot some time to GIVE BACK.

How about you? Do you volunteer? Do you want to? What would be your ideal volunteer job?


Thursday Thoughts – Be Kind

Okay so, slight rant here. Can we as a society stop judging books by their covers?  I have been small my whole life. If I had even a penny for every time someone said something snarky about my weight/size, I could probably retire right now. Countless times people have told me to eat a burger, go on a junk food binge, etc. Nothing original, but words can sting. I’ve gotten comments at the grocery store when I was reading nutritional labels. I actually care what I put in my body. Don’t you?
I’ve never NOT had a healthy appetite. I eat plenty. And I always will, as I absolutely LOVE food. I do pay attention to what I eat, but it’s certainly not because I think I am overweight, or need to diet, or anything insane like that. I pay attention to what I eat because I want to be sure it aligns with my goals, with keeping myself healthy, with eating whole nutrient-dense foods, not processed junk.

But now this criticism is making appearances in my role as a health/fitness coach. I get side-eyed and snarky comments because I try to share the beauty of what Shakeology has done for me. I’ve gotten messages asking why I feel a need to “drink a weight loss shake”. Overlooking the fact that Shakeology is NOT just a weight loss shake… I drink it because I have seen it help with my Diabetes/blood sugar control. I have seen it help with my ability to focus. I’ve seen it help curb my cravings for junk food and candy. I have seen it help me live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

And I’ve gotten snarky comments about “why do you work out so much, you don’t need it”. Well, actually, age and gravity are BOTH gonna prove that false. I do it now so it won’t be such a difficult change later. I do it to feel good. I’m not vain; I don’t do it to look good (but I mean, if it’s a perk that comes with the territory, so be it!), I do it because as a Diabetic, I know there are some health hurdles in my future. And I am gearing up to be able to fight said hurdles to the best of my ability.

Let’s stop assuming we know the reasons why everyone does or does not do something. Let’s stop shaming people and start supporting them, yeah?

Motivation Monday – Sharing My Thoughts…

So apparently, being on social media, and being a blogger (despite the fact it’s really just a hobby, and a way to chronicle my own journey, so the days I feel down on myself, I can come back and see just how far I have actually come) opens me up to more scrutiny. Which is fine, I am learning to develop a thicker skin!

I dont share my thoughts because

Just to clarify, when I started blogging, I didn’t ever expect to get any followers. Like I said, I started it so I can chronicle my own journey. If it helps someone, that makes me extremely happy. It’s important, Diabetic or not, to feel like there is someone out there who has your back, someone out there who is in your corner and not going anywhere, someone who may or may not relate to what you are going through, but listens anyways.

This blog is that. I don’t post these things to try to change anyone’s mind about anything. I get a lot of doubters of Shakeology, and like I have said, you can’t really judge something until you try it, so I try not to take the doubters to heart. I never guarantee it will work for anyone else, because I can only relate MY experiences with it. Same as my workout programs – do I think they are effective? Yes, because I have seen their effects. But I don’t try to convince anyone that those are the only programs that work. I don’t try to convince people that until they jump on the bandwagon, they won’t get healthy. I’m not in business to try to change the minds of anyone who think differently. I AM in the business of reaching that scared, uncertain soul, who THINKS he/she is alone, but isn’t. Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings, and I speak from experience. My goal with this blog, is to reach out and make that person who feels isolated, feel like they are part of something bigger; something better. Because they are.

So please, don’t ever feel like you have to get defensive with me or my posts, or feel like I am trying to get you to “come to our side”. Not my goal! Similarly, I implore you to never let anyone make you feel like you have to be silent, or censored.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, dear readers!

If you are like me, Halloween pretty much ticks off the 3 most challenging months… Halloween segues to Thanksgiving which segues to Christmas (for me!), which goes into the New Year – parties, social gatherings, offices full of leftover treats, and the abundance of food makes it a little more challenging to stay on track with health and fitness goals. The bad news? You can’t really stop the freight train that is the Holidays from coming. But the good news? You can minimize it’s impact!

If you are looking for help, we have a variety of ways to help you. Coming up, we have a Clean Eating Crockpot Group, we have 21 Day Fix/Extreme Challenge Groups, Body Beast Challenge Groups, general Challenge Groups (no specific program – you do whatever your heart desires, but you must do something!), and Shakeology Groups – all of these resources are available to help keep you in line. If there is something specific you need, that’s cool too – we can make it happen! If you are interested in any of them, drop me a line – leave a comment, send me an email (, carrier pigeons, smoke signals… However you feel comfortable reaching out, feel free to do so! I am here to help!how can I help you.

Don’t be shy! I consider it a privelege to be able to help people with their health and fitness, plus it keeps me accountable too!

“If you could do it alone, you would have already done it”