Tasty Tuesday – Creamy Parm Tortellini Soup

If you are looking for a warming, filling and super delicious dish to get through these bitterly cold days, this one was PERFECT! 😍

Warmed me up after being chilled to the bones for weeks!

Creamy Parm Tortellini Soup

Of note: we added chicken to get protein in. I also suggested next time we could try it with small meatballs like in Italian Wedding Soup, because I bet it’d be delicious!

And we seasoned to our taste, because recipes always go light on the seasoning and we LOVE seasoning!

So good!

Tasty Thursday – Peanut Butter Cup Oatmeal

Ahhh, here in New England we have entered PRIME oatmeal season – do you like oatmeal? This meal is simple but so filling, and if you use Shakeology instead of cocoa powder, you get added superfoods and nutrients, and a double dose of flavor!

So yummy – would you try this?


Tasty Tuesday – Seafood Soup

Seafood Soup

Do you like seafood? How about soup? This one marries the two, and it works splendidly! Hearty but doesn’t weigh you down as much as some soups do!

You can play around with the seasoning – more or less, according to your taste. Great to enjoy with bread to sop up all the broth!

Does this sound like something you would try? I LOVE seafood, it’s in my blood, growing up in the Ocean State… I can’t get enough of this stuff πŸ™‚