Superfood Saturday – Camu Camu Fruit

Well now, this one is fun to say, isn’t it? 🙂

Camu Camu only really recently came into large-scale cultivation. It’s found in Shakeology, and has more than a few health benefits!

Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia)

Do you take Camu Camu? It is typically in powder or tablet form up here in the USA – since its not exactly locally sold!

Tasty Tuesday – Zucchini Tots

Zucchini Tots


We grow our own zucchini, and it’s been one of our most successful harvests – we have it in the most perfect, sun-drenched spot, and have had good harvests for two seasons now, which is amazing, because we LOVE zucchini, and there are probably an infinite number of ways to use them.

Here is one delicious way…. made this recipe for our 21 Day Fix group, but its just so good I had to share! The Panko really adds a nice little crust/crunch, and these are a perfect way to use some of your zucchini!

Does this sound like something you would try?