Water Wednesday – Build Your Habit!

The truth is no, I didn’t always enjoy water and I definitely didn’t drink enough.

And yeah, it was definitely a slightly challenging habit to get into because I mean, compared to the millions of drinks out there with ‘flavor’, why would I choose water?

BUT… with an open mind, I started staying consistent and allowing my body (and mind, and spirit…) to reap and feel the benefits of being hydrated, and I won’t sit here and list the multitude of benefits, but they are plentiful!

And then it became easier… I found myself craving water. I went from never having water with me to basically always having it with me.

Not all habits come easy – and many never get easier. But you were made to do hard things – the payoff is worth it when it comes to the health and wellness of your body, mind and spirit.

Now go hydrate – start your habit! 😊


Work For It Wednesday – Take Action!


Why are people so willing to spend hours dreaming and wishing, and spend their time and energy cutting down others who are DOING… instead of using that time and energy to DO?

I’ve never understood it, perhaps because I’m not a dreamer myself, I’m a doer; I’m action oriented and more than willing to put in hard work (as long as there is a payoff – no hamster wheels for me!) in order to achieve what I want to achieve.

Dreaming is nice, but without doing, you aren’t getting very far!

Deep thoughts this gorgeous Wednesday morning 😉

Flex Friday – April

It’s Friday, so we {{ FLEX }} and {{ REFLECT }} on just how far we have come!

I was always small – never in my life did I think I could have muscles, much less ones that people actually compliment!

But I worked for them. I earned them. I did what I { could } do until I was able to do what I { wanted } to do.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but slow and steadily, it happens if you keep going, if you believe, if you put in the work and learn to PAUSE, not STOP.

Keep going! If you are ready to build your own muscles and would like some support and accountability, let’s chat!

Thursday Thoughts – Fighting The Good Fight

Would you be surprised to know that, pre-Diabetes diagnosis, I probably didn’t even need both hands to count how many times I had ever actually WANTED cake, or cookies, or cupcakes, or ice cream?

The stuff never really appealed to me…. until that diagnosis. And then suddenly, and FIERCELY, ALL of that stuff had ALL the appeal in the world. I am talking GRAVITATIONAL pull. It was almost like my mind and my body conspired to make up for the 27 years I was never interested in the stuff.
The struggle was, and still is every day, REAL. I fight a battle {{every}} day to keep that in check. Given the chance, I could probably undo years of hard work in one or two sittings.
But I don’t. I won’t. Because I have worked TOO HARD. Because I am bigger than any diagnosis. I still eat sweets here and there, in a controlled manner.  The balance of not depriving myself (thus inevitably setting myself up for a crazy binge), but not destroying all of my hard work, either. You see me talk about balance a lot, because truthfully, that’s the “secret sauce”!
If you are fighting the good fight, you aren’t alone! Let’s connect – we are better together; together, we CAN.

Work For It Wednesdaaaaaay

When your reward to yourself for successfully finishing phase 1 is not brownies, cupcakes, or ice cream, but rather, new leggings, a new sports bra, a 15lb Kettlebell, and heavier weights so you can kick even MORE ass, you might be OBSESSED 😉

I’m not knocking those who choose/chose an edible reward, this is just how I personally prefer to reward my hard work and dedication to myself!

Wanna join me on my 80 Day Obsession journey? Let’s do it! Start here!