Wellness Wednesday – Make…

Make moments count.
Make priorities.
Make the time.
Make your gifts known.
Make everybody feel like somebody.
Make your voice heard.
Make the small things big.
Make someone smile.
Make the change.
Make love.
Make up.
Make peace.
Make sure to tell your people they are loved.
Make sure to have no regrets.
Make your wellness a priority.

Diabetic Life!

This goof kept me company for some of my workout, which started off rough due to a headache and low sugars, so she sat me down, told me to eat a banana and let it work it’s magic, and then get to it when I was ready.

I do not always love the “waiting period”, but it’s important to not begin an intense workout on low blood sugars – to do so would be silly and irresponsible, and while I have my flaws, I would like to think that I have become a responsible person who puts my health first over my pride and ego (or at least, it is a work in progress!)

Coach Roxy is all business, and she does her coaching from the comfort of the couch! 

I love her so much, sometimes I honestly feel she senses when Mama needs some help/company and stays with me… of course, it could just be that she’s a female dog who does what she wants, but in my Mama heart, I feel like she just knows…

Friday Fit Tip – Stay On Track

It’s a lot easier to veer off track than we think. This is why you need to be consciously aware, and fight the urge to fall back into poor habits!

These tips might help you to stay on track:

  • The first step towards changing your exercise and eating habits is to create a clear vision of your goal and to become emotionally attached to the outcome. You may say you want to get healthy, but be specific – what does healthy look like to you? What does it feel like to you? Maybe it means being able to play with your child without getting winded? Maybe it means fitting back into a favorite pair of skinny jeans? Be specific!
  • To translate this vision into a reality, WRITE IT DOWN! Describe what your ideal world looks like on every level – body-wise, career-wise, family-wise, etc. Bringing that awareness into your life will help you change your behaviors.
  • Having a vision will make it a lot easier for you to turn down temptations (and there will be temptations!). You will begin to see every single choice you make  as a personally defining moment that has the potential to bring you closer to achieving your fitness goal.

fit tip friday