Thursday Thoughts – Live and Let Live

I don’t get why people just can’t live and let live – I like to think I am a powerful lady but even I know I couldn’t get everyone to see things my way – even bacon has detractors! 🙂

Live and let live people, we all benefit from such a concept. Promise!

Wednesday Wisdom – Happiness

Do you agree? I will admit the “thinking” part takes some extra effort (my mindset is forever a work in progress…) but these 3 do line up for me.

I work at it every day, but at the end of the day I am able to go to sleep feeling happy because I have achieved harmony, I think positively (and work on curtailing the times I don’t), I speak positively, and I am often found lifting others with kind words, because as an empath, I know just how far some kind words go, especially in such a tumultuous world.

I say I want to be healthy and strong. I do things that help me get healthy and strong. I think strong, empowering thoughts (and heavy doses of personal development, daily!), thus, whether I can lift 5 lbs of 50, I AM strong.

I am far from perfect but I think back to how atrocious my mindset was a year ago, thus coloring everything else with an awful hue, and I am reminded of how far I have come, and I am G R A T E F U L.



Motivation Monday – Controlling, not Ignoring, Diabetes

This Monday motivation is a little different from the norm. And I admit, it is not the most fun topic, but I feel it is necessary to discuss. I have an acquaintance with Diabetes, and they basically pay no attention to it; they ignore it, effectively sweeping it under the rug. And I know, Diabetes is not at all fun to deal with… but the problem with sweeping something as major as Diabetes under the rug is that not only WILL you be forced to deal with it someday soon, but it will be that much harder at that point.

Ignoring Diabetes

Being aware of possible complications and their symptoms is one of the first steps to successfully managing Diabetes. Yes, the potential complications are scary, but as I have said ad nauseum, DEALING with them now gives you a much better chance to fight that battle.

I realize that some people are greatly opposed to doctors, but having a good endocrinologist is crucial, in my opinion. Regularly checking your blood sugars, keeping active, eating sensibly, taking any prescribed medications, and paying attention to your body are all critical.

Your body is giving off signs when things are not copacetic. Whether you listen to these signs or not is up to you. Small things like excessive thirst, blurry vision, loss of feeling in your feet, dizziness and shakiness are all important signs you mustn’t ignore. I don’t mean to sound insensitive but burying your head in the sand will do absolutely nothing to help you. You may feel powerless, but you aren’t.

Small, consistent lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. I know this because I am living proof of this. I practice what I preach. I am far from perfect, but I also make significant effort to control my Diabetes. I have a toolbox. Do you? Because you should.

If you would like help, or to discuss more about what’s in my toolbox, seriously, REACH OUT. I would love nothing more than to help you see that this isn’t the end of the world, that you CAN better the quality of your life, and you CAN get your Diabetes under control.

Is it easy? Sorry, it’s not. But it IS worth it. YOU are worth it.

Bottom line is, you will eventually be forced to deal with your Diabetes. The sooner, the better.


Self Love Saturday

Happy Saturday!

Life has been busy lately with yard clean up, and projects, and working full time, and continuing to elevate my businesses, and my workout program (done tomorrow!), and the Guns Buns and Ab’s Challenge… I love a busy life, and I love going to bed every night knowing I had a productive day.

But whew….. easy to forget to show yourself some love while you are busy doing anything and everything, huh? I can’t be the only one that falls into this trap?

My husband gifted me a certificate for a massage for Christmas, and I thought it would be great to use after the crazy packing and moving spree we went on… I never did get around to it and then I jumped into Hammer & Chisel, and it didn’t make sense to get it done then, so I told myself my reward for finishing Hammer & Chisel would be a nice massage – after all, my muscles need it now more than ever!

Self worth is vital to happiness

I find this to be so true – we need to give ourselves more credit, and we need to feel our worth to truly feel good about anything else! You work hard – don’t forget to give yourself much-deserved credit!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday Wisdom – Optimism

Confession: I am guilty. Guilty of sometimes falling victim to a negative frame of mind. I detest this quality about myself, and I work on it daily – through personal development reading, chats with my mentor, all sorts of ways.

Our last team call was focused on the Law of Attraction, and I have been in deep thought since. Don’t get me wrong, I am not negative about everything, all day every day. But sometimes it creeps out, which is enough, for me. It’s the little things, really…

So I have been working hard at being a happiness magnet, so to speak. I am working on recognizing when those tiny little negative tidbits are sneaking their way in, and working on silencing them and redirecting them towards positivity.

optimism is a happiness magnet

Not always easy, but I am determined to eradicate any and all negativity, because there is just no time or room for that in my life.

Are you an optimist? Do you ever have negative thoughts? If you do, how do you handle them?