Take Action Tuesday – Never Easy!

I mean, did you really think I was leaving the store without this shirt?!

Of. Course. Not.

You know, I often hear the refrain “but it’s easy for you”, and I would like to respectfully disagree – it is never easy for me.

You think waking up at the hour that I do is easy? It definitely isn’t, especially when I have a snugglebug dog snuggled up to/on me… it is not easy to peel myself from that and workout, trust and believe that!

But the other alternative is to wish, hope and pray for strength and wellness… and that’s not me – I am action-oriented. I need to be doing, not dreaming.

It is not easy, but it is necessary, and it does get a little bit easier once you get into the habit, I will admit that much.

But please don’t assume this is easy for me – I battle as much as anyone else, I just do what it takes to WIN said battles (most of the time 😉)

Friday Fun – Halloween Candy

Are you like me? I love candy… I know it’s bad, and full of badness, and super processed… but I still like it.

I can normally do okay because I don’t buy much of it at all, so it’s not around me to tempt me (except in the vending machine at work but I keep my desk full of healthier alternatives and so I never fall victim to the snack machine…), but Halloween presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities – candy is EVERYWHERE.

I don’t have children yet so I am not confronted with pillow cases of the stuff, but its at parties and in the office kitchen (because people bring in the extra so THEY won’t eat it!), and it just seems omnipresent.

Truthfully, most of us enjoy a few pieces. Not the end of the world! Here are some exercises you could do to “offset” the calories brought on by these sugary splurges. If you have the willpower to avoid eating any, my hats off to you – you are AMAZING. But if you aren’t quite there yet – don’t fret. You are human, we all make mistakes.

Go burn it off 🙂

ate it negate it

ps, if you can get the kids to join in on these activities with you, they could burn theirs off too!