Water Wednesday – Build Your Habit!

The truth is no, I didn’t always enjoy water and I definitely didn’t drink enough.

And yeah, it was definitely a slightly challenging habit to get into because I mean, compared to the millions of drinks out there with ‘flavor’, why would I choose water?

BUT… with an open mind, I started staying consistent and allowing my body (and mind, and spirit…) to reap and feel the benefits of being hydrated, and I won’t sit here and list the multitude of benefits, but they are plentiful!

And then it became easier… I found myself craving water. I went from never having water with me to basically always having it with me.

Not all habits come easy – and many never get easier. But you were made to do hard things – the payoff is worth it when it comes to the health and wellness of your body, mind and spirit.

Now go hydrate – start your habit! 😊

Try It Thursday – 3 Day Refresh

Summer BBQ’s. Weddings. Bridal and baby showers. Vacations.

I love summer but… I always thought in the months leading up to my wedding day, I’d be super inspired to stay on track with my clean eating habits, regular, consistent exercise regimen, and just in general doing all I could to ensure I look and feel my best on our big day.

Honestly, in my experience, it’s been quite the opposite. Not a huge deal but I would rather not feel so bogged down for my wedding, which is why I am excited we have a 3 Day Refresh group starting Tuesday, September 8th and ending Thursday, September 10th. It’s perfect because my wedding is September 12th 🙂

No, the 3 Day Refresh is NOT a starvation plan (if there is one thing about me its that I LOVE food, and anything that calls for me to deny myself real food is not even gonna make a blip on MY radar.) It isn’t a diet that will have you running for the bathroom all day (because I won’t do THAT either haha). It’s not a juice fast, nothing like that.

It IS a safe, healthy way to rid your body of some toxins, to detox, clean out the gunk, tune up your body so it runs at its peak performance. The last time I did it I lost 3 pounds and 4 inches, and I felt SO much lighter and healthier. It was a great feeling!

If you would like to leave the summer gunk behind, and start the Fall feeling healthy and happy, let me know! We would love to have you join our 3 Day Refresh Group, and you will certainly LOVE your results!