Wednesday Wisdom – To Keep The Body In Good Health…

Let’s face it – life is riddled with ups and downs. No way around it, so it comes down to how you react; how you perceive the things that happen. Because our reaction and our perception really does have a profound effect on our bodies and our health.

I learned this fairly shortly after my Diabetes diagnosis. Prior to this, I was pretty ignorant about just how much stress and reactions played a role. It was eye opening, especially for someone who operated with no gray area – I was either super happy, or super upset; no in between. Every molehill became a mountain, seriously.

I was stressed and reacting poorly, and as a result, I had several hypoglycemic episodes (and those in and of themselves are TERRIFYING). I started to make the connection between stress levels and my body’s reaction. And I vowed to work harder at reacting more appropriately.

to keep the body in good health

And it’s not easy, at all. It’s another daily battle. I am an empath, so I feel everything, whether it involves me or not. But you have to draw the line somewhere. You have to say “this is not my battle to fight”, and to work on controlling your reaction.

I apply the “will it still upset me in 2 weeks” practice. If the answer is no, I save my emotions and my reactions and just let it go (or try reaaaaaaaaaaally hard). If it will still upset me in two weeks, I allow myself to feel it. But I still tell myself that whatever it is, it is NOT the end of the world. Might seem like it, but it isn’t. So I breath, let myself feel it, and then commit my energy to handling whatever it is.

When I keep my mind healthy, my body is stronger, and when I keep my body healthy, my mind is stronger. Can’t have one without the other!

Selfie Saturday

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I turned 33 the other day. I am bound and determined to make my 33rd year awesome!

I started off with P90 Sweat A and P90 Ab Ripper A – after all, I couldn’t start my 33rd without a crazy workout, could I?! Felt good to sweat, and kick off my 33rd year with a bang!

This is a big year for me – this is both the birth year I get married, and the year my businesses (yes, plural – I definitely keep busy!) will take off – I am sure of it, because once I am done with all this wedding stuff, my time will open up a bit, and I fully intend to focus on building an amazing life for my husband and I, and having a cushion to fall back on! We are still pretty young and have plenty of years ahead of us, but I want these systems in place now so that when we have children, we have them established to fall back on when things get a little crazy!

We are also saving for a home – not our dream home (yet!), but a starter home to call our own, be able to modify, have a garden, etc. It’s challenging but will be so worth it!

This is the first year in a long time I actually feel motivated and encouraged – its nice to get feedback and to feel like people trust and value what I have to say. I never really had that (or I might have but was unaware of it!)

Overall, I am excited for an AMAZING year. It wont happen on its own, but I am quite okay with working hard to make it awesome. Life is short – make your life awesome!