Thursday Thoughts – Take ACTION

Your dreams and desires should never die – ever.

Regardless of your age.
Regardless of your past.
Regardless of your current circumstances.

There is still time…

There ALWAYS is. As long as you’re here, there’s still time!

So stop thinking about it and start action towards it!

Adapt or be annihilated!

Adapt. Or be annihilated.

That’s just the way it is – if you can’t learn to adapt, and roll with the punches, you are gonna find yourself frustrated more often than not. (trust me when I tell you I have learned this, painstakingly!)

I overslept by a LOT today, and left absolutely no time for my normal morning workout. Wahhhhh, right? Yes, but it’s okay because I can just swap my normal rest day for today, and we’re even stevens!

But I still chose to fuel myself properly today with my breakfast. The workout was a loss, but that’s no reason to throw the towel in on the day. I can still show up for my wellness in other ways, and I will!


I’m back!

Sorry, all… I took a brief hiatus from blogging due to a very tragic death in my family and my inability to fully process things, but… the good news is, I am back! The even better news is, yesterday I spent the day getting CERTIFIED to teach Country Heat LIVE – so who’s gonna join me for some classes?!

If you are local to Rhode Island (New England area – have Instructor status, will travel!), I would love to connect and turn the Heat up together!


Thursday Thoughts – You Can’t Shine On Autopilot!

So many of us fear FAILURE, when really, what we should fear is being in the SAME place NEXT year!

Ever felt like you were on auto pilot? Like you don’t remember how you got from one place to another? Are you wandering aimlessly in your life? Are you leaving it all up to chance?
This life? This is YOUR life. You get ONE. You get one life to LIVE. To experience the abundance this world has to offer. To BE. To FEEL. To LEARN. To ENJOY. To dream and strive, achieve and believe, to LIVE. To be yourself, and who you were put on this earth to be. Fully and unapologetically. Fiercely and fabulously.
You can’t SHINE on auto pilot. You have to choose your direction – mindfully and consciously. You have to choose how you want to feel. You have to strive to feel alive, invigorated, purposeful… FULFILLED.
Want something? Put your intention out there! Claim it by name, ask for it, and GO for it.

Thursday Thoughts – What would you do…

What would YOU do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? I mean, don’t get me wrong – failure is not bad. You just gotta fail forward, thats all.

It’s the fear of failure that keeps many people from trying what they most want to achieve.

But what would you do if that something was a sure thing, there was no risk, it was guaranteed?

As an entrepreneur, I had to accept that failure was part of the game. Tough to swallow, but the uptick is that if you are willing to fail forward, you are that much closer, and failing really does give you perspective on just how badly you want something.

Don’t let failure stop you from trying, trying again, and trying again til you get it. That’s the only REAL failure, is not even taking the swing.



Feel Good Friday – I Dare You…

…to believe in Y O U R S E L F!

I know all too well how easy it is to believe in others, and dish out motivation and inspiration, and I am told I am really good at it. Know what I am not good at? Believing in MYSELF.

While I am getting better with it, it is quite a battle!

I dare you to believe in yourself

But it is a battle I refuse to give up on, because I think of how it will one day feel to have 100% faith in myself, to fully believe in myself, and to not be my own worst critic. I think of how awesome it will feel to be able to say “eh, I made a mistake, but it’s okay; I’m human” and ACTUALLY believe it, not just pay lip service.

Doesn’t that sound like a great concept to you? To actually believe in yourself and all you are capable of? Because, you may not know this… but your only limitation is yourself! You DO deserve all this magic!