Feel Good Friday – Reunited!

I can’t remember the last time I slept til 8:30… I suppose being up 24 hours and partying with the Brumm’s for most of that will do that to ya! 😉

Last night we went bowling, enjoyed nachos and beer, then came home and drank with her husband, went mudding on the golf cart, laughed a LOT, and had FUN!

I just love spending time with the Brumm’s, it’s always so fun!

Transformation Tuesday – Country Heat Round 1

After 2 back to back rounds of Hammer & Chisel, I needed a break, and I knew it! So I looked to the newly released Country Heat!

Yesterday, my Challenge Group kicked off a round of Country Heat. For me, it is the second round.. I completed round one towards the end of the summer. I LOVED this program – I was honestly surprised because while some of it is fun, most country music doesn’t do it for me (though as I stated, there ARE exceptions), and I wasn’t really sure if I would hive with honky tonk dancin’, you know?

But in the true nature of being an adventurous spirit who will try anything once, plus the incredible BUZZ surrounding this program at Coach Summit, I decided that yes, I would do at least one round. To be able to say I did. To be able to speak from experience when people ask me about it. I believe in being 100% authentic, and I only ever speak to my experiences with products and programs and the likes.

So I went in skeptical, I will admit, but I came out completely sold, and ready for another round! Autumn and I had a few tiffs during our 21 Day Fix/Hammer & Chisel Days (girl is effective, but she is also NONSTOP haha), and this program showed me a different side of her, one I enjoyed – she seemed more into having fun here, whereas with 21 Day Fix and Hammer & Chisel she was ALL business.

I had a rough summer, so much of my lean progress from my rounds of Hammer & Chisel had a little bit more padding, and after Country Heat not only did my core feel much stronger, but I noticed more definition and abs even made a cameo!

But more importantly (in my personal opinion) than abs and definition are how I felt – confident, challenged but capable (a few of the moves required a little practice for me to master, because while I love dancing, its typically freestyle dancing to jam band music, not choreographed stuff – but all of the moves are masterable!), genuinely happy I gave the program a try, and firmly on the side of “fitness CAN be fun” – you just have to find what you enjoy!

I don’t weigh myself, but I lost some inches around my torso and my thighs. I didn’t do it for the loss, but it was a nice bonus, really. Who doesn’t want to feel lean and strong and have fun getting there?!

I am excited for Round 2 – we just started yesterday. If you would like to join us, it’s not too late – we can instantly stream your program On Demand so you can join us!

You in?! You can comment below, email me, or click here to order a Country Heat Challenge Pack (workout and month’s supply of my favorite superfoods – Shakeology!) or you can click here to order the standalone Country Heat workout program!

Let’s have some fun!



Workouts I Love Wednesday – CIZE

Before Country Heat, there was Cize, by Shaun T. Shaun could probably get me to do just about anything because he is so fun, and passionate, and infuses all of that passion and energy into every single thing he does.

Cize is one of my favorites because it’s fun, easy to learn, a great workout (I sweat like crazy), and the moves are catchy!

Have you ever tried Cize? Have you considered it? If you would like to try a sample workout via On Demand, I can set you up with a free trial – let’s chat! 🙂


Why I Am Loving Country Heat

I have been truly surprised by how much I am loving Country Heat. I have always been open to any music that has a beat, but Country music was never really at the top of my list (in my defense, a LOT of it can be super cheesy!)

But like I said, as a Coach, I really do take pride in my ability to try things before deciding how I feel about them, and there was SO much buzz around this program at Summit that you really could not help but want to try it and see what all the noise was about!

The trainer Autumn and I… we have had our differences in the past (she is unaware of this as she cant hear me yelling at her through the TV – lucky for her!), because man does she WORK YOU in Hammer & Chisel and the 21 Day Fix/21Day Fix Extreme programs. She has effective programs but I personally found myself annoyed at her style sometimes, so I was a little ambivalent about signing on to do another program led by her after 2 straight rounds of Hammer & Chisel with her.

Well… lets just say it is a good thing I decide things for myself and don’t let preconceived notions get in my way, because its an AWESOME program and I actually find myself enjoying Autumn – she is a bit more relaxed and fun in this program (because its about dancing, duh!)

Here’s a short summation as to why I am digging this program so much:

  • The workouts are no longer than 30 minutes. Coming off of Hammer and Chisel, where some of them were 54 minutes, 30 minutes is EASY PEASY. And let’s me sleep a bit later than 4:30!
  • It’s teaching me better rhythm and how to be more sensual and smooth with my body… I can tend to be sort of herky-jerky sometimes, much to my chagrin.
  • It’s not a lot of memorization…  I love Cize, but in the first couple times doing each routine, memorizing 8 moves in a sequence sometimes had me in a tizzy until I got the hang of it, so I really love Autumn’s pairing of just 2 moves at a time.
  • The supporting cast – she picked some FUN people to do this workout with her! Most people are captivated by “Cupcake” but there is a guy called Kenny who steals the show for me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. He’s just smooth moves and having a blast, and I dig it.
  • The workouts fly by! I am still drenched at the end, yet I find myself amped and ready for more, whereas with most other programs I will be honest and confess I spend a lot of time watching the clock!

Have you been considering giving it a try?

when in doubt dance it out

Friday Fun – Henry Ford

Happy Friday! Just one week til Christmas… whaaaaat? What happened here?! How does time fly by so fast? And WHY?!

Okay, so if you are anything like me, you are tired and overwhelmed, holidays take a lot out of us, naturally.

What will you do to Feel Good today? It’s Feel Good Friday! I keep telling myself this because things have really been challenging lately, but nothing I can’t handle (riiiight?!)

He had a way with words, huh? 🙂

Feel Good Friday

Feeling pretty good… getting back on track health and fitness-wise, my nutrition is stabilizing, I am getting things accomplished with wedding stuff, continuing to learn ASL, and we’re truckin’ along…. happy to have the weekend (though its a busy one) here, and I am looking forward to continuing to check things off of my many to-do lists.

How are you? Are you doing anything fun this weekend?